QiC Dermatology and COVID-19

QiC Dermatology recognises the extremely challenging situation with COVID-19 and the additional pressure it is placing on the incredible and dedicated people that deliver care tirelessly in the NHS, HSC and other healthcare settings whilst under significant strain and extraordinary conditions.

We are monitoring the situation and will apply sensible judgement and update you accordingly

We do think that it is really important to recognise, reward and share your inspirational work in dermatology for the ultimate benefit of people with skin conditions and have made the decision to continue to run QiC Dermatology, with an extended  entry deadline to 6pm on Tuesday 14 April for those that are able to enter at this time.

If you have any questions or I can help you with your entry in any way please do get in touch.

Do you work in dermatology in the UK or Ireland?

Don't miss the opportunity to share YOUR inspirational practice and enter this brand new awards programme

Entry deadline 3 April, no entry fee

Six  entry categories to choose from along with two nomination categories

Any questions: get in touch with Siobhan Ford


Quality in Care Dermatology 2020 in association with Dermatology in practice is OPEN for entry

Closing date 3 April, no entry fee

Do you believe you are doing a great job for people with skin conditions?

Do your team's efforts deserve recognition?

Share your good practice by entering QiC Dermatology this year, six entry categories to choose from, along with two nomination categories

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Quality In Care Dermatology

in association with

Quality In Care Dermatology

  • 2020 KEY DATES
  • Open for entry: 23 January 2020
  • Entry deadline: 03 April 2020
  • Extended entry deadline: 14 April 2020
  • Judging day: 03 June 2020
  • Awards ceremony: 16 June 2020
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