How to enter

The entry process

The entry process is simple, so entering should not take up much time.

There is no entry fee.

The entry categories are now closed

Download an entry form and save to your computer. Complete your entry and, when finished, simply email your entry and supporting materials to

If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your entry (via email) within 7 days of submission please contact Debbie Tuesley:

For further information/help with your submission, please contact:

Siobhan Ford: T: 01372 414203, E:

Debbie Tuesley: T: 01372 414243, E:

Problems downloading the entry form?

If you are unable to download the form due to your company's firewall or anti-virus settings, please contact Debbie Tuesley on and the form will be e-mailed directly to you.

Which category to enter

Take a look at the categories to decide which one is most appropriate for your entry. Please note that an initiative can be entered in one category only. However an entrant can submit multiple initiatives into the appropriate categories.

Entries are accepted for initiatives for the last fi ve years (Jan 2016 – December 2020) except for the following entry category: Dermatology Digital and Technology Solutions for the Treatment of Skin Conditions during the COVID-19 Pandemic, where entries are accepted for initatives from January 2020 - March 2021.

Entries without results will not be judged.

  • Total word count of each entry must not exceed 2,500 words excluding supporting materials.
  • All sections must be completed for entries to be considered by the judging panel.
  • Entries without results will not be judged.
  • Please see judging criteria and points for allocation of points for each section; the maximum score is 100.
  • Judges retain the right to reassign entries to an alternative category than the one to which it has been submitted, if they feel it would be more appropriate or advantageous to the entry.
Plan your entry

Writing an effective QiC Dermatology entry takes careful planning. You must detail the aims and objectives which you have achieved.  Please do not enter if you do not have results as your entry will not be judged.

As a guide your objectives should be SMARTER – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluated and Reviewed.

To help you write a winning entry, you can download the Seven Steps to Success, which offers advice and guidance on how to make your entry stand out.

Supporting materials

Entries may be accompanied by supporting materials and visuals to illustrate the work undertaken. ESSENTIAL: A summary sheet must be supplied with supporting material:

  1. Itemising each piece of supporting material
  2. Clearly referencing where evidence has been supplied in support of all claims made in the entry

It is important for entrants to realise that, at the first stage of judging, decisions will be based on content of the written submission only. Supporting materials will be made available at the second stage of judging at the judging day and will be reviewed by group heads to determine relevance of distribution

Nomination categories

Entries for certain categories are decided by nomination.  Visit and submit your choice for who should win the 2021 QiC Dermatology in association with Dermatology in practice Award for Outstanding Services in Dermatology.

What happens next?

Finalists will be notifi ed by Thursday 10 June and invited to the the awards ceremony will take place at Sanofi ’s Reading headquarters on Thursday 9 September 2021, dependent upon Government advice on social distancing and allowable size of gatherings.

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  • 2021 KEY DATES
  • Open for entry: 16 November 2020
  • Extended Nomination Deadline: Monday 3 May 2021
  • Judging day: 27 May 2021
  • Awards ceremony: 09 September 2021