Re-launching in 2021
QiC Dermatology in association with Dermatology in practice recognises the extremely challenging situation with COVID-19 and the additional pressure it is placing on the incredible and dedicated people that deliver care tirelessly in the NHS, HSC and other healthcare settings.
Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone QiC Dermatology until 2021.
Further details to follow.

The Primary Care Dermatology Society joins Quality in Care Dermatology in association with Dermatology in practice

We are proud to announce that the Primary Care Dermatology Society has joined as a supporting organisation and we look forward to working with them

“The Primary Care Dermatology Society is delighted to support this first Quality in Care Awards in Dermatology. It is important to encourage and support all involved in delivering excellent care for patients with dermatological conditions.”
Siobhan Wastie, Commercial Director, Primary Care Dermatology Society



Quality In Care Dermatology

in association with

Quality In Care Dermatology

  • QiC Dermatology 2021: Dates to be confirmed
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