Best peer-to-peer support initiative (NEW for 2015)

This category recognises the importance of the delivery and provision of peer-to-peer support for the person with diabetes as part of his or her ongoing diabetes management. This support can be delivered face-to-face, or even virtually.

Entries are welcome from the diabetes community, primary, specialist care, or from industry. We would also welcome initiatives from patient or professional organisations/groups.

Entries must demonstrate evidence of the following:

  • A clearly identified problem(s) with coherent aims, objectives, a documented programme of care with timescales, evidence of outcomes and follow-up data
  • Involvement of stakeholders and/or people with diabetes in developing the initiative
  • Sustainability of the initiative
  • Patient feedback/stories
  • State how the strategy fits into existing pathways
  • Evidence on quality improvement in the six dimensions of quality improvement; ie there should be evidence of safety, effectiveness, efficiency (including cost savings) as well as being patient-centred, equitable and timely.

Evidence should also be shown of:

  • Transferability to other areas/organisations/departments and sectors
  • Impact on the person with diabetes, staff and/or the organisation
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and/or collaboration across departments, organisations and sectors
  • Improved effectiveness of care, with tangible indicators such as quality of life, clinical parameters, reduction of hospital admissions, length of stay and/or re-admissions
  • Improved patient experience
  • Assessment of quality improvement before and after the change initiative.





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