Diabetes Team Initiative of the Year - Closed for entry

Do you work in a team that has made an outstanding contribution to diabetes?

Entries will be judged in two groups, please tick relevant box on entry form:

  • Initiatives for children, young people and emerging adults and/or families and carers
  • Initiatives for adults and/or families and carers

Entries should demonstrate clear goals that are specific and measurable with evidence of innovation, methods, effectiveness, timeliness, safety, savings, sustainability and replication (see entry guidelines and criteria for scoring process).

This award recognises the value of outstanding multidisciplinary team achievements and contributions that help better prevent, diagnose or treat diabetes and support self-care management to improve diabetes user experience and outcomes.

Teamwork plays a critical and growing role in high-quality diabetes care. This award will be given to an outstanding team that has made a valuable and significant contribution to diabetes service user self-management, care or treatment.

It may be a multidisciplinary team, a group of healthcare professionals or a management team that has introduced significant advances in clinical practice, diabetes service user support (including links to social care), service quality or efficiency.

Entries must demonstrate audited diabetes service user outcomes.

This award will be given to a team that demonstrates initiatives in the following areas:

  • Initiatives for children, young people and emerging adults with diabetes and their families/carers.
  • Self-management
  • New models of care bridging the gap between what HCPs know and what the person with diabetes understands
  • Health literacy
  • Improving glycaemic control
  • Nutritional and physical activity
  • Holistic personal care plans with health checks and review
  • Counselling and psychological support for person with diabetes, carers and families
  • Preventing complications and re-admissions, such as:
    • Addressing variation in care
    • Specialist services providing care for those people with diabetes who have needs that cannot be met by general practice teams, ie people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, inpatient care, cardiovascular diseases particularly peripheral vascular disease, preconception and pregnancy, paediatric diabetes and rarer forms of diabetes.

Judging criteria and scoring grid

Judging criteria


Maximum score attainable

















Total of 30 points divided between 5 quality improvement areas


1. Effectiveness


To include efficiency improvements


2. Timeliness



3. User feedback



4. Safety



5. Financial savings




Sustainability and spread


How do you plan to sustain your project?

Is your project reproducible elsewhere

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