Digital and Technology Solutions in the Treatment and Management of Diabetes - Closed for entry

Have you created new technology or redeveloped old technology to improve the treatment and management of diabetes?

Ensure you demonstrate how your digital or technology solution is different from other approaches already available? What makes it stand out and how does it empower people with diabetes to self-manage?

Entries will be judged in two groups, please tick relevant box on entry form:

  • Old digital and technology solutions that have been redeveloped for better results
    • National initiatives
    • Regional initiatives
  • New digital and technology solutions
    • National initiatives
    • Regional initiatives

These awards recognise innovative, well-designed and credible healthcare digital and technology solutions for people with diabetes and their families or carers, which are different to other approaches already available, and delivered via ANY digital or technology channel or channels, online or offline.

Who can enter?

We welcome entries from healthcare professionals, in-house teams, agencies and consultancies. Digital and technology solutions entered should be UK or Ireland based even if they are used globally, and for work conducted during the 18-month period between July 2015 and December 2016 will be eligible.

Judges will want you to put your initiative into context at the outset and to clarify the rationale behind your strategy and tactics. They need to know what your ambitions were and how digital and/or technology channels were used to drive them. Please make it clear if your work was part of an overall strategy involving other factors. Is it one programme or project within a longer-term strategy or a stand-alone piece of work? If the initiative is part of a broader-reaching solution, please say so.

Be clear about how you measured the activity and the impact it had in terms of changes of attitudes, perceptions, behaviour. You should also give details of the demographic target audience and how well it was engaged. Judges will be looking for proven quality outputs and outcomes which may include evidence of message uptake and changes in behaviour.

You must state what digital provider you worked with on the assignment and what budget was allocated to this work by band. Failure to specify a budget band may lead to disqualification of your entry by the judges. If you are unable to provide budget band information, please state the reason in your submission.

Band A below £10,000
Band B £10,001-£25,000
Band C £25,001-£50,000
Band D £50,001-£150,000
Band E over £150,000

Please ensure that any websites/digital media you refer to in your entry can be accessed by our panel of judges, therefore include any passwords or specific links when submitting your entry and keep links open until the end of the judging day (18 July 2017).


Maximum score attainable





Rationale for selection of most appropriate channels



Clearly defined strategy to deliver required outcomes against defined objectives



Creativity or innovation in content, presentation/use of the medium and usability


How well does the initiative meet the needs of the person with diabetes and his/her family/carer? Does it support empowerment, improved management, safety and increased independence for the person with diabetes?

Customer focus and feedback






Financial savings


  • Launch at Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2018:
    14 March
  • Entry closing date: 1 June
  • Judging day: 19 July
  • Awards ceremony: 18 October
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