What work is eligible?

Except where indicated, programmes and initiatives should relate to the period January 2012 to December 2017. Please refer to category description for criteria details.

Please note that an initiative can be entered into one category only. However an entrant can submit multiple initiatives into the appropriate categories.

Entries may be resubmitted only if there has been a significant new aspect to the programme and evidence of additional outcomes and results which are now available and were not at the time of the initial submission.

Any initiatives that have been previously entred and are being re-entered in 2018 require the original submission(s) to be attached to the 2018 entry

Please note that judges retain the right to reassign entries to an alternative category than the one into which it has been submitted, if appropriate.

Particular credit will be given to projects which demonstrate results having quality and/or efficiency benefits which could be replicated elsewhere, thereby having a greater impact than their initial focus.

  • Launch at Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2018:
    14 March
  • Entry closing date: 1 June
  • Judging day: 19 July
  • Awards ceremony: 18 October
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