Judges' Tips

  • Do watch the group heads recorded video on the Meet the Judges page.
  • The judges are looking for innovation beyond simply replacing face to face clinics with virtual appointments. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn as well as reward - but think AND state how your entry is different to what else others are doing and what are your measures of success. Consideration will also be given to how your adaptions, changes or transformation can be translated into a sustainable, transferable intervention which could shape diabetes care into the “NEXT NORMAL”
  • Entries are accepted for projects between March 2020 to July 2021 with six – 12 months results
  • Get your point across quickly and simply – remember judges review lots of entries
  • Clearly state the innovation for your entry: what is different about your submission
  • Clearly state your results: they are essential, and only those included in the application will be considered.
  • Write your entry against the specific criteria for the individual category you are entering
  • Use simple explanations and clear punchy language
  • Have a look at the case studies from teams previously recognised
  • Look at the word count for each criterion, so when you plan your entry you know the word count. When you start the online entry system, you will not be able to go over this word count

Final tip

  • Once you have written your entry, let a colleague who knows nothing about this initiative read it.

“Following the tips included here is really important to give your entry the best chance of standing out and being recognised as a potential winner. My biggest issue is where there are no clear outcomes or results from the initiative – so if you haven’t got them yet, consider applying next year instead – you will stand a much better chance”

Simon O’Neill, Diabetes UK [chair, group head], Director of Health Intelligence and Professional Liaison, Diabetes UK

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  • 2021 KEY DATES
  • Open for entry:
    Tuesday 20 April 2021
  • Extended Entry Deadline:
    Monday 12 July 2021
  • Judging day:
    Tuesday 7 September 2021
  • Awards ceremony:
    Thursday 14 October 2021