Alison Barnes Research Associate (dietitian) / Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at Newcastle University/Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [group head]

Alison Barnes is a UK Registered Dietitian specialising in diabetes and weight management. She has a first class undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition from Northumbria University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Alison is a Research Dietitian currently working with Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University on the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), training practice nurses to deliver a complex weight management intervention in a primary care setting. She has an honorary contract as a diabetes dietitian with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust and has previously worked as an NHS specialist diabetes dietitian for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, providing regular clinics in primary care and specialist clinics and group education in secondary care. She has also worked on group weight management programmes for both adults and families in community settings.

As a dietitian with Type 1 Diabetes, Alison has an insight into the kinds of challenges faced by people living with long-term conditions, and is committed to an approach which empowers patients to better manage their own health. Alison was selected as one of the Diabetes UK Clinical Champions for 2016-18 and is working on a project to produce a dietary decision aid for type 2 diabetes in order to facilitate more effective discussions about diet and weight between healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes.

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