Rebecca Reeve, Head of Professional Relations, Sanofi

Becky graduated from Salford University in 1994 with an Economics degree and then undertook her Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma at Nottingham Business School. She joined AstraZeneca as a medical representative selling within CV and respiratory and spent a further nine years there in a number of roles including sales, management and training.

Joining Aventis as a hospital specialist to launch and sell Lantus followed a 6 month stint at Pharmaceutical Field, the publication for the industry, as an events co-ordinator. During her time at Aventis (now Sanofi) Becky has experienced a number of commercial and medical roles, providing valuable experience and forging a number of relationships across the company, the industry and amongst the NHS.

These roles include time in sales, a Diabetes Scientific Advisor - where she was responsible for a number of projects including a publications committee for the Warwick Diabetes Care Insulin for Life programme which delivered a number of peer reviewed publications, and between 2006 and 2010 Becky managed the diabetes and cardiovascular scientific advisor medical team.

In January 2011 Becky became the Head of Professional Relations for Sanofi Diabetes, a role which has enabled Sanofi to support programmes such as QiC Diabetes, free apps for children with diabetes such as Monster Manor and Mission T1D and enable Becky to become a “font of all knowledge” for the diabetes world on social media.  In 2016 this role was extended to include  Cardiovascular Disease. 

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