Sarah Gregory, Senior In-Patient Diabetes Specialist Nurse (William Harvey Hospital), DSN Forum UK

Senior In-Patient Diabetes Specialist Nurse (William Harvey Hospital)

Consultant Nurse (Project Lead) – Ashford CCG Housebound Project & Mocketts Wood Surgery

Sarah moved into Diabetes Care in 2000, initially as a Community DSN. Since 2008 she has been an In-Patient DSN – she set up the In-Patient DSN service in East Kent, developing an electronic referral system, improving diabetes care in the acute setting and auditing and identifying areas for improvement.

She has developed and delivered a three day training programme for in-patient nurses to improve standards of diabetes care in the acute setting, which is now delivered across all three sites, components of which are also duplicated when teaching junior doctors.

She has an interest in developing resources and games for learning, and for her work during ‘Hypo Awareness week’ in 2017, she was nominated for a Quality in Care award, coming 2nd in this national award – for development of resources for prevention and management of hypoglycaemia in hospital

Sarah has also worked with other disciplines and agencies to develop, deliver and evaluate a three day Foundation Course for GP’s and Practice Nurses, delivery of diabetes education to care home and nursing homes, as well as workshops for those working within Mental Health. She has published in the Journal of Community Nursing for the work she did in care homes.

She is currently working on a housebound project within Ashford CCG to review elderly or frail people with diabetes and ensure that have adequate care planning.

Sarah is a Diabetes UK Clinical champion – a national role working locally to raise the profile of Diabetes in East Kent, and to look at collaborative working and influencing others in improving diabetes care. This has included collaborative working with other specialists, which has led to a joint publication in the Journal of Renal Care.

She has also moderated for the NHS Transformation funding, and is a judge for the Rowan Hillson In-Patient Safety Award, Quality in Care (QiC) awards and is on the organising committee of the Diabetes Professional Conference.

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