Best improvement in quality of inpatient care initiative

This category recognises the importance of providing specialised, tailored and safe care to people with diabetes while in hospital. Submissions are welcomed for initiatives in both situations where diabetes is, or may not be, the cause of admission.

Entries must demonstrate evidence of the following:
  • A clearly identified problem(s) with coherent aims, objectives, a documented programme of care with timescales, evidence of outcomes and follow-up data showing improvement
  • Involvement of stakeholders and/or people with diabetes in developing the initiative
  • Improved clinical and/or quality of life and/or psychosocial outcomes
  • Sustainability of the initiative
  • Cost-effectiveness.
Evidence should also be shown of:
  • Transferability to other areas/organisations/departments and sectors
  • Impact on staff and/or the organisation
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and/or collaboration across departments, organisations and sectors
  • Improvements in patient pathway and interventions
  • Significantly improved patient outcomes and experience in terms of diabetes management.
Outcomes may include:
  • Early identification and recording of care needs of patients with existing diabetes
  • Increase in diagnosis and recording of patients with diabetes
  • Access to specialist diabetes care while in hospital: multidisciplinary needs assessment, evidenced through a care plan
  • Reduction in length of stay
  • Maintenance  or improvement in diabetes management during admission, including self-management where appropriate
  • Tailored dietary provision
  • Foot examinations and prevention of foot ulcers developing in hospitals, improved awareness through specialist diabetes training for staff
  • Patient experience
  • Patient choice in involvement in self-care initiatives to improve patient safety, including the safe use of insulin
  • Provision of specialist diabetes input in the management of diabetes complications with resultant improvements in outcomes
  • Implementation of multidisciplinary structures to optimise care pathways.





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