Best initiative supporting self-care

Self-care is an integral part of daily life with people taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing with support from all those involved in their care.

Self-care includes things you do each day to keep fit, maintain good physical and mental health, prevent illness or accidents and deal effectively with the management of diabetes to reduce the risk of short and long-term complications.

People living with long-term conditions can benefit enormously if they receive individualised and appropriate self-care diabetes education and support. They can live longer, experience less pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, have a better quality of life and be more active and independent.

This category recognises that programmes designed specifically to improve self-care management for people with diabetes will not only improve healthcare outcomes and wellbeing but will also empower people to maximise their self-care behaviour and as a consequence will reduce the incidence and costs of diabetic complications.

Entries from local, regional or national programmes are welcome.

Entries must demonstrate evidence of the following:

  • A clearly identified initiative with coherent aims, objectives, a documented programme with timescales, clear outcomes for each objective and outcome data  
  • Involvement of stakeholders and/or people with diabetes in developing the initiative
  • Improved clinical and/or quality of life and/or psychosocial outcomes
  • Quality improvement with reference to cost savings
  • Patient stories demonstrating benefit
  • Sustainability of the initiative
  • Evidence of quality improvement in the six dimensions of quality improvement; i.e. there should be evidence of safety, effectiveness, efficiency (including cost savings) as well as being patient-centred, equitable and timely.
Evidence should also be shown of:
  • Transferability to other areas/organisations/departments and sectors
  • Impact on staff and/or the organisation
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and/or collaboration across departments, organisations and sectors
  • Improvements in the patient pathway and patient experience
  • Improvement in accessibility of care/information/support
  • Significant improvement in outcomes (clinical, self-care, behaviour change, psychosocial, well-being, engagement, communication).





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