Best integrated IT/digital applications initiative

This category recognises the increasing role of IT, social media and digital technology in the care and support of people with diabetes.

Submissions can include any initiative aimed at improving the lives of people living with diabetes which uses IT infrastructure, new technologies and non-traditional ways of engagement at the core of the initiative.

The initiative should be based in the UK (although may be used more globally) and could include integrated IT systems; online support forums or communities; virtual communities using technologies such as Twitter or Google Hangouts; the provision of patient support using non-traditional face-to-face methods such as Skype, texting or email. Any non-traditional approach utilising new technology will be considered.

Entries must demonstrate evidence of the following:

  • A clearly identified problem(s) with coherent aims, objectives, a documented programme of care with timescales, evidence of outcomes and follow-up data
  • Involvement of stakeholders and/or people with diabetes in developing the initiative
  • Improved clinical and/or quality of life and/or psychosocial outcomes
  • Patient stories demonstrating benefit
  • Sustainability of the initiative
  • State how the strategy fits into existing pathways
  • Evidence on quality improvement in the six dimensions of quality improvement; ie, there should be evidence of safety, effectiveness, efficiency (including cost savings) as well as being patient-centred, equitable and timely

Evidence should also be shown of:

  • Transferability to other areas/organisations/departments and sectors
  • Impact on staff and/or the organisation
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and/or collaboration across departments, organisations and sectors
  • How the project was set up, eg equipment, infrastructure, manpower and costs
  • Increased engagement with all diabetes stakeholders.





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