Best Type 2 diabetes prevention initiative

This award recognises the impact of preventative initiatives in helping to reduce the growing prevalence of type 2 diabetes.


Care Call by Salford Royal Foundation Trust

Greater Manchester CLAHRC has been working with the dedicated and highly trained team of health advisers at NHS Salford’s already successful Diabetes Care Call to develop a new telephone service aimed at preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes in people diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance. This convenient and accessible service provides a six-month programme of proactive lifestyle education and motivational support. Interim results of the service are very encouraging.


Second place

Walking Away by University Hospitals of Leicester

This innovative programme succeeded in most of its targets and successfully demonstrated that a systematic and evidence-based identifi cation and treatment pathway for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes can be implemented within usual primary care. It aimed to implement fi ndings from a gold-standard research programme within three diverse sites in order to fill an unmet need in the identifi cation and management of individuals with a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

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