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Transforming Diabetes Care at Scale in North West London

by NHS North West London Collaboration of CCGs

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Since 2014, this collaborative work has commissioned, implemented and monitored outcomes-based improvements in diabetes care. Key successes have included reducing unwarranted variability, producing printable care plans for patients and introducing digital-supported, self-care apps for patients. The work brought together stakeholders from across North West London, including patients and user group facilitators, public health teams, GP federations, commissioners and senior management teams.

Judges comment:

"Transforming diabetes care at scale in North West London is a very clear, focused project. Everything was well-defined and they have the results to show for it. It is wonderful work and a fantastic coordination of such a huge project. A tremendous achievement!"


The 10 Point Training Tool for Staff Education in Inpatient Diabetes

by Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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After identifying that clinical commitments represent the major barrier to staff education, a quality improvement project using a novel multidisciplinary education tool ‘Diabetes 10 point training’ was developed and piloted. The ‘10 points’ are derived from the most common insulin and diabetes-related errors seen in practice. Delivery takes place within clinical areas, opportunistically delivering bite-sized chunks in direct response to staff self-identified needs. It is applicable to all healthcare professionals who care for inpatients with diabetes.

Judges comment:

"Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has put together a simple, but effective tool to train a strong number of healthcare professionals with good results. It is replicable and a sensible approach to a tricky problem."


EDEN – Cross Boundary Multi-Professional Transformation for Improved Patient Outcomes

by Leicester Diabetes Centre

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EDEN - Effective Diabetes Education Now was created and developed as a multi-professional cross- boundary, primary and secondary care service to address needs in diabetes management and risk-reduction. Taking aim at the transformation of diabetes across the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) healthcare spectrum, it specifically targeted the effective and appropriate treatment of patients, reductions in demands on secondary care, raising skill levels of diabetes healthcare professionals and measuring the impact of transformation.

Judges comment:

"The judges recognised that EDEN was a strong education programme, which is well-established and has recognition from the RCGP. It has a good focus group and feedback."


Improving Diabetic Footcare Faculty (DIFF Model)

by Royal Devon & Exeter Trust

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The Improving Diabetic Footcare Faculty (IDFF) was formed following the 2012 publication of high South West diabetic amputation rates. A voluntary, podiatry-led network of healthcare professionals (HCPs), IDFF focuses on structured education and service development. The faculty meets outside working hours to develop free, innovative education packages, which help to standardise education provision for HCPs and patients, encouraging timely referrals and a multidisciplinary approach. The IDFF model has now been replicated by other HCPs within the South West.

Judges comment:

"The judges liked this good, innovative, multi-disciplinary programme. It is great to see people making a difference. It is very early in the project and the judges look forward to seeing more when developed further."

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