Diabetes Education Programmes – Children, Young People and Emerging Adults


Psycho-education Workshop for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

by Paediatric Diabetes Team, University Hospital of Wales

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Young people with T1D are at increased risk of psychological difficulties. Depression, weight and shape concerns, body dissatisfaction, higher BMI, adolescence and gender have been identified as predictors of disordered eating behaviours (DEBs) in individuals with T1D. A pilot psychoeducation workshop was designed for parents of children with T1D to raise awareness of DEBs, self-esteem and body image issues in young people and give them tools to support their children/adolescents.

Judges' comments:

"This workshop was able to give comfort and reassurance to parents and guardians who so often struggle with the psychological and lifestyle challenges of helping a child with type 1. There is a huge need for this kind of help across the country, and this project provides a model for further development of services nationally."


Carbohydrate Counting Educational Assessment Tool (CC-EAT)

by Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

There are no assessment tools for carbohydrate counting for primary school children, so an age-appropriate carbohydrate counting assessment tool for primary school children with T1D was developed by Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust. The goal was to ensure that by secondary school, children had good carbohydrate counting knowledge. The assessment tool was piloted and reviewed by leading dietitians in the field of diabetes and trialled by dietitians. The results show that it is effective.

Judges' comments:

"The CC-EAT project responds very effectively to a need among patients. Many adolescents remain reliant on parents, so it’s important to get this right early. Further trials could prove its long-term effectiveness."

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