Prevention, Remission and Early Diagnosis


All Wales Quality Assured Brief Intervention Pre-Diabetes Pilot

by Cardiff and Vale UHB/ Swansea Bay UHB on behalf of All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group

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This innovative pilot project delivers a targeted approach to prevention of type 2 diabetes in Wales using the criteria of HbA1c, hypertension, obesity, age >45 years, followed by a brief intervention utilising unregistered practice-based staff trained by registered dietitians in a Nutrition Skills for Life course. An all-Wales diabetes prevention pathway was developed to enable scalability of this initial primary care cluster work. Evaluation showed this to be an effective model, with 62% of participants going from pre-diabetes to normal glycaemia. The health economic review predicted the cost per QALY gained to be -£5,300.

Judges' comments:

"This entry was a clear winner, demonstrating a targeted approach to identify the patients who needed it the most. What made this entry stand out was its innovation and impressive cost-efficiency as well as its potential scalability. Not only did this programme deliver impressive outcomes for patients, but also empowered the healthcare assistants involved as well. A very compelling programme!"


Scalable, Flexible and Cost-Effective Diabetes Prevention

by Discover Momenta Ltd

Discover Momenta has worked for 20 years to develop, evaluate and disseminate behavioural healthy lifestyle programmes for delivery by trained non-specialists. The aim was a scalable and replicable, evidence-based type 2 diabetes (T2D) prevention programme (DPP) to achieve world-class health outcomes cost-effectively across multiple commissioning/delivery contexts. Momenta’s DPP has been independently evaluated as achieving the best health outcomes (weight-loss and HbA1c reduction) of all NHS DPP (NDPP) providers (Valabhji et al, 2019). It is demonstrably the most cost-effective. Furthermore, it has led to further programmes in T2D remission and cardiovascular disease prevention, launching in September 2020.

Judges' comments:

"For the judges this was a good all-round initiative which had impressive user feedback which made the programme more personalised. The fact that it also branched out into other areas – namely cardiovascular – rather than solely focusing on diabetes is what made this entry really stand out, alongside its great use of coaching styles."

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