The People’s Award


Lis Warren

Reason for nomination

Lis, has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over five decades and now retired seems to have a full-time 'job' dedicated to helping others with diabetes. Much of what Lis does is in the background, she doesn't seek the limelight but yet is happy to present and talk, at courses/events for health care professionals. But it is the tireless work she does within the charities, trusts & CCGs for which Lis deserves recognition, making sure patients are represented wherever possible, especially where policies are being set. She also chairs meetings, runs charity stands & everything is done with positivity.


Sally Bussey

Reason for nomination

She looked after and controlled my diabetes from newborn until I was old enough to do it myself, has always supported me through everything. She uses her knowledge of diabetes and her care for me to now help young children within the primary school she works to look after their diabetes and frequently coaches other parents of type 1 diabetic children to help them manage their childs diabetes. She was highly spoken of by many diabetes consultants and nurses throughout my childhood. Her school was specifically told to employ her as a 'diabetes helper' due to her commitment with my diabetes.


Wendy Gane MBE

Reason for nomination

Wendy has lived with spina bifida since birth as well as living with T1 diabetes plus other underlying health conditions for most of her life. Having spent decades supporting people living with diabetes and campaigning for improved services and quality of life, in every way imaginable, contributing to numerous committees, service advisory groups, review panels, collaborating with government to empower and educate numerous individuals over many years. Conducting very many roles professionally tirelessly and compassionately, a rock for others to turn to in times of difficulty no one deserves this more than Wendy Gane.

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