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Sharing good diabetes practice in the NHS

Breaking down healthcare silos to demonstrate the benefits and adaptability of diabetes care initiatives

Inverness man with diabetes wins national award after running 156 mile ‘ultramarathon’

A former Commonwealth Games cyclist from Inverness was last week presented with a national award for his incredible athletic feats that have inspired the diabetes community.

All-diabetes cycling team to participate in Tour of Britain

Team Novo Nordisk – the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team – is set to compete in The Tour of Britain this September.

Voting open for Diabetes Awards

Our team of expert judges have now decided the results for most of the categories at Quality in Care Diabetes 2014

Just over a week to nominate your diabetes hero

The deadline is fast approaching to nominate someone special working to help people with diabetes.

Highlights from the American Diabetes Association 2014 meeting

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions is one of the biggest events in diabetes, attracting the leading experts in the field from researchers to doctors to nurses to dietitians and more.

Shift work linked to increased diabetes risk

A new study indicates that people who take part in shift work have a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes than those who have regular hours.

Diabetes UK test helps to identify people at risk of diabetes

A risk assessment tool devised by Diabetes UK and distributed through stores belonging to Boots can help in the fight against diabetes in the UK.

Dr Jen Nash on managing the psychological impact of diabetes

Dr Jen Nash, clinical psychologist and founder of Positive Diabetes, speaks to Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes about her work to provide psychological support to people with diabetes.

New diabetes treatments focus on reducing side effects

There was positive news for the diabetes community last month when Novo Nordisk posted data at the Diabetes UK conference demonstrating that its combination drug IDegLira avoids common side effects for diabetes treatment while still lowering blood sugar levels.

  • Launch at Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2018:
    14 March
  • Nomination closing date: 13 July
  • Judging day: 19 July
  • Awards ceremony: 18 October
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