An “IDEA” to deliver inpatient diabetes safety messages in bite-sized animations


IDEA (Inpatient Diabetes Education through Animation) is intended to improve inpatient diabetes care. A review of serious diabetes incidents and DATIX incidents was used to identify recurring safety themes. These were then incorporated into a suite of animations. The innovation is aimed at delivering key safety messages to healthcare professionals (HCPs) in memorable bite-sized (3-4 min) animations. IDEA may be used to disseminate key learning messages to all HCPs who care for patients who have diabetes and are admitted to hospital. The videos focus on key areas identified where mistakes have been made, with the aim of learning from these experiences, improving care and patient experience. IDEA can be found on a variety of platforms to widely disseminate shared learning.


The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) in 2013 showed that up to 25% of inpatients have diabetes of whom ~40% are on insulin therapy. For the majority (> 90%) of these admissions diabetes is a secondary diagnosis and not the primary reason for admission and hence often cared for by non-diabetes specialty teams. NaDIA has highlighted sub-optimal care quality across several areas of inpatient diabetes care. Despite emphasis on the need to develop knowledge and skills in managing complex medical conditions including diabetes, there is a lack of confidence and knowledge among trainee doctors in managing inpatients with diabetes. NaDIA 2015 data for Leicester Royal Infirmary showed that on the day of data collection there were 129 patients with diabetes in hospital and of those 27.5% patients reported at least one episode of mild hypoglycaemia, 14.8% at least one episode of severe hypoglycaemia and 26.9% experienced an insulin medication error.


To develop an innovative teaching tool for doctors in training which incorporates key safety themes taken from analysis of real-life incidents affecting inpatients with diabetes. To make the tool accessible to all, memorable, produced within a fi nite budget and easy to disseminate.

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QiC Diabetes Finalist 2016
Digital and Technology Solutions in the Treatment and Management of Diabetes
An “IDEA” to deliver inpatient diabetes safety messages in bite-sized animations
by University Hospitals of Leicester


Sowmya Gururaj Setty

Job title:
Consultant Diabetes & Endocrinology
Place of work:
Northampton General Hospital


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