Diabetes transition from paediatrics to adult services


Those who transitioned from paediatric to adult diabetes services at Isle of Wight NHS Trust were largely lost to follow-up and many found the whole process was intimidating. The healthcare professionals now work together as a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the transition is a smooth, planned, supported change process at an age-appropriate time. Joint transition clinics with the PDSN and adult DSN are provided throughout the year which allows the young adult transitioning through to adult services to meet the DSN to discuss any issues or concerns they may have regarding transition. The young adult is communicated with as an equal and information is shared to enable an informed decision. Six months following transition young adults are invited to meet the consultant in a joint clinic with the DSN. Since this process began in 2010, 94% of young adults have successfully transitioned.


The transition service used to take the form of one appointment with the paediatric team and adult clinicians at a time dictated by age (usually 16-18 years) rather than by what the young adult themselves wanted. There was very little input from patients into the service design, and the meeting was held in a room which was rather intimidating. In short, it felt like an interview panel.


To improve the transition experience so that the young adult became engaged with adult services and that this continued in the long term. Change the transition appointments and process to make the process more user friendly.

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Patient Care Pathway – Children, Young People and Emerging Adults
Diabetes transition from paediatrics to adult services
by Isle of Wight NHS Trust


Liz Whittingstall

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Lead DSN
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St Marys Hospital, Newport Isle of Wight

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