Expanding the Reach of the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)


Diabetes management is complex, requiring varying levels of knowledge, depending on the healthcare practitioner’s (HCP) role, in order to provide quality care to a person with diabetes. The foundations of optimal care lie in HCP education and competency maintenance. The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) is a competency-based online diabetes platform supporting both non-diabetes specialist, and diabetes specialist, HCPs to demonstrate the diabetes skills relevant to their role through continuing professional development (CPD). CDEP is built on the UK national diabetes competency frameworks and utilises adult education principles and Miller’s Pyramid of Competency to underpin its functionality. For a diabetes training tool to be successful and widely used it needs to be fit for purpose, affordable, accessible and attractive to busy HCPs and commissioners. An online platform allows people to learn at a convenient time and pace. The cost is often more affordable because of the lack of travel and accommodation costs and time away from the office/family. Online registrations offer learning over a period of time for continuous competency updating. Online platforms can provide commissioners with objective staff engagement and utilisation data to link staff competency with clinical outcomes.

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QiC Diabetes Finalist 2018
Best Practice Dissemination and Sustainability Award
Expanding the Reach of the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)
by Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)


Candice Ward

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Lead CDEP Educator
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Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)


Quality In Care Diabetes

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