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The award winning ‘Getting Sorted’ enterprise sits in Leeds Metropolitan University. Strong evidence shows that there is significant variation in the measured outcomes of children with diabetes across Yorkshire & Humber, with less than 15 per cent achieving national levels of recommended control, leading to poor outcomes in adulthood. Their solution was to actively engage young people at every stage of the research process and create five unique, active and informative workshops that are young person centred. The key objective being to enable young people to increase their understanding and self-manage their diabetes in ways that suit them, thereby reducing the risk of long term complications.


Currently, the quality of care for children and young people (CYP) with Type 1 diabetes in the UK is variable and often below European and global standards. Poor quality of care results in the increased risk of not only short- and long-term clinical complications, but also compromised social and psychological wellbeing.  

Evidence from the recent National Diabetes Paediatric Audit shows more than 85 per cent of CYP with diabetes are not achieving the NICE target of <7.5 per cent HbA1c; this remains unchanged over the last seven years. Therefore, we have no option but to radically change our clinical practices and systems to manage CYP with diabetes effectively. 

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Liz Webster

Job title:
Director, Getting Sorted
Place of work:
Leeds Metropolitan University


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