HeLP-Diabetes: a proven online solution for diabetes self-management support


HeLP-Diabetes has around 800 users and is an evidence-based programme which takes a holistic view of self-management, focusing on medical, emotional and role management. The University College London project offers ongoing support for patients and carers. Features include behaviour change support (with goal setting, action plans, reminders and feedback); emotional support (computerised cognitive behavioural therapy tools, mindfulness, online moderated forum); an online health record where patients can input their own health related information and set text/email reminders for themselves; and regular newsletters, emails and SMS alerting users to updated content, new research findings, and directing them to specific (seasonally relevant) areas of the website. Benefits for patients include reduced diabetes-related distress, improved glycaemic control, accessibility, convenience, privacy and access to clinically informed and trusted information. Developed as a research programme, it is now being rolled out nationally and has been adopted in four London CCGs.


Good self-management is key to improving health outcomes for people with diabetes. However, despite NICE recommending that everyone with type 2 diabetes should be offered structured education at diagnosis with annual reinforcement, and incentivisation of GPs to refer through QOF, take-up remains low with only 5.3% of eligible patients attending in 2014–15 (National Diabetes Audit). One reason for this may be that most of the current education offered by the NHS is delivered in a group setting, which is not convenient or suitable for some people.


To develop, evaluate and implement a web-based self-management programme for people with type 2 diabetes (at any stage of their illness journey) with the goal of improving access to, and uptake of, structured education and self-management support, hence improving health outcomes in a cost-effective manner. To enable people with type 2 diabetes to take control of their health and lead happier, healthier lives.

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QiC Diabetes Commended 2016
Digital and Technology Solutions in the Treatment and Management of Diabetes signififi COMMENDED HeLP-Diabetes:
HeLP-Diabetes: a proven online solution for diabetes self-management support
by University College London


Prof Elizabeth Murray

Job title:
Head of UCL Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health, Director, UCL ehealth Unit, Managing Director, HeLP Digital Community Interest Company
Place of work:
University College London
020 7794 0500 ext: 36747


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