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During a hospital stay, around one-in-four people with diabetes suffers a hypoglycaemic. Not only is this likely to increase length of stay and associated costs, but it is also associated with increased mortality.

Hypoglycaemia is treated inconsistently across the country, within Trusts and even between the wards of an individual hospital. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia may not be recognised until they become severe.

BBI Healthcare wanted to work with NHS Trusts to improve and reduce the number of hypoglycaemic episodes experienced by inpatients with diabetes. In January 2008 it launched an initiative to deliver a “one-stop” hypoglycaemia management first aid box to customers – and the HypoBox was born.


The main objective of the initiative was to improve inpatient management of hypoglycaemia by educating staff and placing HypoBoxes on hospital wards. Crucially, they wanted to encourage an audit of initial implementation, enabling the project to be measured, monitored and reviewed in light of audit results.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2011
Pharmaceutical Industry-led Initiative of the Year
HypoBox Initiative
by BBI Healthcare

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