Introducing joint multi-disciplinary clinics for children with T1DM and coeliac


In 2014 the team introduced a joint multi-disciplinary clinic consisting of the paediatric diabetes team, a gastroenterology clinician and specialist dietetic colleagues with knowledge and experience of both chronic conditions. These clinics have allowed the elimination of clinical care variability and equity factors and also to reduce the frequency of speciality clinics visits for children and families (reducing cost, travel time and parents taking time off from work and reduction in the time for children away from their educational setting). The programme amalgamated the investigations required to minimise venesection and reduce costs of multiple blood tests, creating more hospital follow-up appointment spaces for children requiring specialist gastroenterology and dietetic expertise. Feedback from parents, carers and young people was positive. 


The number of CYP with diabetes is increasing, and smaller teams are struggling to provide one-to-one support for individual schools with pupils with diabetes. Schools without previous diabetes awareness have poor knowledge and significant anxieties around managing a child with diabetes following a new diagnosis or an intake of a child with established diabetes. 


To provide school staff with an awareness of all stakeholders’ responsibilities for managing a CYP with diabetes in school; the difference between Type 1 and 2 diabetes; causes, signs and symptoms; treatment options; how to manage acute complications; and a basic understanding of the practicalities of insulin administration and blood glucose/ketone monitoring.

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QiC Diabetes Commended 2015
Best initiative for children, young people and emerging adults
Introducing joint multi-disciplinary clinics for children with T1DM and coeliac
by Musgrove Park Hospital

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