Making connections youth engagement toolkit


To improve the overall clinic experience for young people with Type 1 diabetes and address issues with disengagement and poor glycaemic control in this group, Diabetes Scotland invited people aged 16-25 years old living with the condition to participate in developing a ‘Youth Engagement Toolkit’. The aim was to develop and deliver innovative youth engagement training and supportive materials for HCPs working in diabetes clinics in Scotland to encourage a more supportive and accommodating environment for youngsters at clinics. They were able to influence the content and direction of the toolkit and were supported to co-deliver workshops with HCPs, adding authenticity and ensuring meaningful participation. Young people were also encouraged to run local online groups to promote peer-support and shared learning. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Young people (YP) encounter many physical, mental, and social changes whilst entering, experiencing, and exiting adolescence, and they often find themselves being forced to learn how to cope with decision-making responsibilities and independence. The way in which YP react and adjust to this and how they are supported to do so, can have a significantly negative impact on their life. Throwing Type 1 diabetes into the mix only exacerbates the problem. The key to achieving engagement and good outcomes for YP is to support and empower them with positive relationships and influences, and providing services which meet their needs. 


To develop and deliver innovative youth engagement training and supportive materials to be used by HCPs working with YP in diabetes clinics in Scotland to improve the clinic experience for YP, and promote positive relationships between HCPs and YP. The long-term objectives are to increase attendance at clinic by YP, improve glycaemic control and outcomes for this group. 

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2015
Best initiative for children, young people and emerging adults
Making connections youth engagement toolkit
by Diabetes Scotland

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