Making Transition Better – the Newham Experience


Newham, east London is the youngest borough in the UK with 40% of the population under 25 years old and more than 60% from ethnic groups. This leads to a high prevalence of type 2 diabetes, in young people. As a national pilot site for You're Welcome (DH 2010), Barts Health obtained feedback from patients and carers through focus groups and found that the three contributors to poor self-management were: poor/inflexible access to care; need for peer support; and lack of patient champions. To address this, the team pioneered the use of online diabetes follow-up via Skype, developed a local peer-support group funded by UCLPartners to provide a social platform for young people to discuss issues affecting self-management, and obtained funding for a youth champion to facilitate the peer-groups and help redesign the clinical service.


The prevalence of diabetes in Newham is around 5-6 times the national average, due largely to the local BME population. It is also the youngest borough in the UK and the sixth most deprived in the UK. A paediatric diabetes service had provided excellent diabetes care for children in Newham since 1986. However, transition to adult services was poor. The complex needs of adolescents and young adults with a chronic illness like diabetes was difficult to address in routine clinics. Non-attendance rates were high with increasing levels of patient and staff dissatisfaction. Even after the establishment of a monthly diabetes clinic in 2005, DNA rates continued to remain high (33-50%) with poor clinical outcomes.


To make the transition from paediatric care more user-centred by improving access to services, developing a more holistic model of care that addresses the complex needs of young people and strengthening young people's ability to manage their diabetes.

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QiC Diabetes Finalist 2016
Empowering People with Diabetes – Children, Young People and Emerging Adults
Making Transition Better – the Newham Experience
by Newham University Hospital


Dr Shanti Vijayaraghavan

Job title:
Consultant Physician with special interest in Diabetes & Endocrinology
Place of work:
Barts Health (Newham University Hospital)
020 7363 8812


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