Reducing pre-diabetes risk in North East Lincolnshire


This project is about raising awareness of the risk factors that affect whether a person may develop type 2 diabetes in the future.  Not many people know that they may be at risk, nor that they could potentially prevent or delay the development of the condition by making small lifestyle changes.  The initiative draws on a team of community volunteers who have been trained to undertake risk assessments in the community, who are then followed up - where appropriate - by a range of offers to suit the individual. The approach has been successfully throughout North East Lincolnshire with other programmes, rapidly enlisting local people in providing a participative solution to early recognition, increased awareness and timely intervention.


Diabetes prevalence in North East Lincolnshire, estimated by the National Diabetes Information Service, was 7.5% of people aged 16 years and older in 2012. If current trends in population change and obesity persist the total prevalence of diabetes is expected to rise to 8.4% by 2020 and 9.2% by 2030. Across England a third of the projected rise of diabetes prevalence can be attributed to the increasing prevalence of obesity. If obesity levels in North East Lincolnshire could be maintained at the rates found in 2010 there would be 300 fewer people with diabetes in 2020 equivalent to 2.8% of people projected to have diabetes. By 2030 a static prevalence of obesity would mean an estimated 900 fewer people projected to have diabetes.


To identify people in community settings who were likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in the next ten years, unless preventative action was taken. To provide a group education session and support group (‘Time to Measure Up’) to encourage people to make small lifestyle changes, facilitated by a diabetes nurse educator. To provide a referral mechanism for GPs and Practice Nurses for their pre-diabetes patients to offer them support to make lifestyle changes and to monitor patients in the target group. A target of undertaking 1000 pre-diabetes risk assessments during the first year of the project from April 2014 to March 2015 was set.

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