The Highs & Lows children’s choir


The Highs & Lows is a choir for children age between 7-16 who have, or live with someone with, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The idea was to offer the children and their parents support from the diabetes team in a non-clinical setting and for the children and parents to offer support to one another. It helps them understand that diabetes should not hold them back - and for that one hour a week they can be the same as their friends. They are taught how to breathe properly, sing, perform and have fun, while meeting other children with diabetes and realising they are not alone or abnormal. Parents also have the opportunity to meet and socialise, make new friends and discuss their lives with diabetes. 


Some children see coming to the diabetes clinic as a threatening environment. Many are reluctant to open up or engage with doctors about their diabetes and life with it, so the idea of a choir – getting children together in a non-clinical setting – was formed to give them somewhere they could be themselves and be allowed to talk about any problems they may have without their parents over analysing everything. 


To allow the children to share an enjoyable experience with others who understand the difficulties of living with diabetes, enabling them to feel confidence to be open about their condition and access support from peers. To promote the choir and spread the word about children’s diabetes – and to allow parents an opportunity to access advice outside of a clinical setting in a relaxed and informal way. 

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2015
Best peer-to-peer support initiative
The highs & lows children’s choir
by Leicester Royal Infirmary

Quality In Care Diabetes

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