The hypo pathway


The North Mersey Diabetes Network (NMDN) identified that a lack of communication between primary care, secondary care and the ambulance service about patients who experienced hypos was leading to missed opportunities to reduce further episodes.

The network also wanted to address Standard 7 of the Diabetes NSF and the North Mersey Quality Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda and find ways to provide care closer to home while reducing avoidable A&E attendances.


The aim was to provide seamless care for patients and to reduce A&E attendances, while building relationships and improving liaison between all staff groups involved in diabetes care.

The project aims included improving patient care and safety, reducing the number of future hypoglycaemic events though education and support and improving liaison between primary care, secondary care and ambulance crews.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2011
Best programme for specialist groups
The Hypo Pathway
by North Mersey Diabetes Network

Quality In Care Diabetes

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