Type 1: Origins, Diabetes the Comic Book


Inspired by patient feedback about limited access to resources after their type 1 diagnosis, the team took inspiration from superheroes. Discovering their powers they realise that life will never be the same again and that adaption to change is necessary. ‘Type 1: Origins’ is the first diabetes-inspired comic book and, since October 2016, has been downloaded for free nearly 6,000 times. All the key UK Diabetes charities have supported this initiative and the collaboration work continues, with Digibete UK animating the comic and funding secured to develop a comic sequel.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2017
Diabetes Collaboration Initiative of the Year – Children, Young People and Emerging Adults
Type 1: Origins, Diabetes the Comic Book
by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and Revolve Comics


Dr Mayank Patel

Job title:
Consultant in Diabetes
Place of work:
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust



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