There are several ways to support the QiC Programme, and partners have the opportunity to help develop the programme alongside NHS and patient group experts.

QiC partners will benefit from exclusive networking opportunities with experts in the therapy area landscape over the lifecycle of each award programme.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Innovation is never easy, and sharing that innovation takes time, time nobody has these days. Every day there are dedicated men and women working in the NHS to improve the lives of patients, seeking new and improved techniques or processes that will make a difference. Sadly these innovations don’t get shared as often as everyone would like. This is why BMS are proud to support the QiC Oncology programme. QiC Oncology rewards and recognises excellence in innovation within the NHS and the wider healthcare environment. The best examples are then shared through the QiC website and at other opportunities throughout the year. The NHS is good at innovation and Bristol-Myers Squibb is happy to support the spread of that innovation."

Martin Whitehead, Bristol-Myers Squibb
National Policy and Access Manager, Oncology

QiC Oncology 2016 partner:
Bristol-Myers Squibb
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