Development of a Hair Loss Support Service


The Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre has been involved in a variety of projects to improve Hair Loss Support Services for cancer patients at Leeds Cancer Centre.

Training of hair loss support staff and a focus group undertaken with the Black Health Initiative led to improved acceptability of the wig service in this community. 

The centre worked very closely with local wig supplier to increase the range of wigs on offer under the NHS scheme, resulting in better choice for patients.

An electronic catalogue has been developed specifically for the Hair Loss Support Service at Leeds Cancer Centre, which includes a diverse range of models to improve appeal and acceptance with the wider patient community and different groups. 

A room in The Cancer Centre has been furnished into a hair salon to allow patients to be seen in a suitably private location, closer to where they receive treatment.

The team has taken part in piloting ‘Great Lengths’ hair loss support workshops with the National Cancer Action Team. The two planned pilot workshops have been such a success that the team are continuing with this format monthly.


Through a variety of intitiatives we sought to improve: 

  • equity of the hair loss support service, improving acceptability with a wider range of patients, addressing cultural and ethnic needs.
  • improved access to the service for patients who were receiving treatments and were unable to travel to the centre.
  • the way we deliver care, enabling those who would prefer it to receive hair loss support in a group setting.

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Development of a Hair Loss Support Service
by The Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre


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