The Midhurst Macmillan community specialist palliative care team


The Midhurst Macmillan Community Specialist Palliative Care service was set up in 2006 when the King Edward VII Hospital’s inpatient palliative care unit closed. In the Midhurst service a consultant-led multi-disciplinary team provides ‘hands on’ care and advice at home, in community hospitals and in nursing or residential homes seven days a week.  This service provides specialist clinical interventions in the community such as blood/blood product transfusions, parenteral treatments, IV antibiotics, IV biphosphates, fluids, paracentesis, ultrasound and intrathecal analgesia.


The Midhurst Service was set up in 2006. It uses a modified version of the Swedish Motala Model for advanced home care, with a consultant-led multi-disciplinary team providing ‘hands on’ care and advice at home, in community hospitals and nursing or residential homes, seven days a week.

Almost three quarters of people with cancer would prefer to die at home, but less than a third do so. More than half of carers said their relative did not have complete pain relief throughout their last three months.

Nationally, between 48% and 58% of people die in their preferred place of death. The service aimed to address this by offering person-centred care, including clinical interventions at home.


The Midhurst service was set up to with a number of objectives. These included ensuring people in the area had access to high quality specialist palliative care, maximising patient choice by providing treatment and support at home and in community settings, and reducing acute hospital interventions and inpatient stays 
The team also aimed to ensure close working between the NHS, voluntary, charitable and private sectors in order to deliver high quality patient care, and to engage volunteers in supporting people to receive holistic care at home.

Further objectives included providing support for carers, including bereavement support, and making sure that the service was sustainable and affordable. 

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End of life care and bereavement
The Midhurst Macmillan community specialist palliative care team
by Macmillan Cancer Support


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