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Level 3 Item   Prevention and diagnostics
Level 3 Item   Nurse-led VTE service and anticoagulation outreach service
Level 3 Item   Managing Cancer Associated Thrombosis: an electronic pathway to improved care
Level 3 Item   The Introduction of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) to the Southern Trust
Level 3 Item   Development of a new pathway to include the use of rivaroxaban
Level 3 Item   Excellence in locality-based community outreach anticoagulation clinic for Hounslow
Level 3 Item   Community Pharmacy-based Anticoagulation Clinic
Level 3 Item   Health call INR monitoring project by County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust, Roche and Inhealthcare
Level 3 Item   Leading Innovation in Anticoagulation: a practical team approach
Level 3 Item   Educational-behavioural intervention for warfarin in atrial fibrillation patients: TREAT study
Level 3 Item   NOACS – How to reduce the risks & increase compliance
Level 3 Item   Oxford One-Stop DVT Diagnostic Clinic
Level 3 Item   Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation (PCAF) Service
Level 3 Item   Development of a novel anticoagulant patient alert card in the north of England
Level 3 Item   NOAC implementation into primary and secondary care across Southeast Essex
Level 3 Item   Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust Ambulatory VTE service
Level 3 Item   Westcliffe community anticoagulation service: a modernised approach
Level 3 Item   The I-CAT Project: Improving care of the Cancer Associated Thrombosis patient
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Level 3 Item   QiC Diabetes 2017 - recorded streaming
Level 3 Item   QiC Diabetes Awards 2016 - Case Studies
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Level 3 Item   Type 1 Specialist Service
Level 3 Item   Inpatient Care
Level 3 Item   Foot Care
Level 3 Item   Prevention and early diagnosis Type 2 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Patient Care Pathway, Generic or Specialist
Level 3 Item   Collaborative initiatives
Level 3 Item   Diabetes Education Programmes
Level 3 Item   Team initiatives
Level 3 Item   Best Practice Dissemination and Sustainability Award
Level 3 Item   Mind and Body Healthy Together
Level 3 Item   Diabetes Education Programmes for Healthcare Professionals
Level 3 Item   #Type1uncut - digital resource for young adults with Type 1 diabetes
Level 3 Item   (Data)sets, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll improve Camden diabetes care!
Level 3 Item   3 Dimensions of care for diabetes: Working with hard to reach groups to improve diabetes outcomes
Level 3 Item   360 degree approach to carbohydrate counting education from diagnosis in paediatric diabetes
Level 3 Item   A national networked approach to improving care and outcomes in children and young people with diabetes in England
Level 3 Item   A novel approach to safe insulin prescribing
Level 3 Item   A single structured diabetes education group session, available for all people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in north east Wales
Level 3 Item   A systematic approach to management of diabetes in primary care
Level 3 Item   Advocate for rights of children in education
Level 3 Item   An analysis of the impact of intramuscular antibiotics for the treatment of severe-borderline foot infections in diabetes: an admission avoidance strategy
Level 3 Item   Best improvement programme for children and young people
Level 3 Item   Bringing care closer to home in Bexley
Level 3 Item   CYPWMDN diabetes awareness education for schools - regional study day
Level 3 Item   Carbs & Cals Books, App and Teaching Resources
Level 3 Item   Care Call: telephone support for people with IGT in Salford
Level 3 Item   Co-Creating Health: supporting and improving self care management
Level 3 Item   Commissioning an integrated Community Diabetes Team
Level 3 Item   Creating an online one-stop advice and information hub
Level 3 Item   DAWN – Diabetes Appointments via Webcam in Newham
Level 3 Item   DEAL – Diabetes Education through Adult Learning
Level 3 Item   Delivering specialist diabetes care in a GP practice in Stockport
Level 3 Item   Developing risk assessment tools for Type 2 diabetes
Level 3 Item   DiabEtes at your Finger Tips - DEFT
Level 3 Item   Diabetes case management service: Recurrent glycaemia related re-admission prevention
Level 3 Item   Does intensive management of patients with diabetic kidney disease using a protocol-based, nurse-led clinic improve renal and cardiovascular outcomes?
Level 3 Item   Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE)
Level 3 Item   E-Learning module and Aide Memoire: supporting South Asian mental health service users with diabetes
Level 3 Item   Embracing technology to help promote self-care
Level 3 Item   Evidence into Practice: systematically improving the outcomes of prevention in Primary Care
Level 3 Item   First Diabetes – a new clinical integrated diabetes service for patients in Derby
Level 3 Item   From admission to discharge and beyond: a holistic 7 day diabetes inpatient service
Level 3 Item   GDm-health improving care for women with gestational diabetes
Level 3 Item   GUMSAVER QIC
Level 3 Item   Genetic diabetes nurse initiative: translating genetic knowledge into clinical care
Level 3 Item   Getting Sorted Our Way
Level 3 Item   Helping children and families increase confidence in managing blood glucose
Level 3 Item   Hub Development: Diabetes E-module
Level 3 Item   HypoBox initiative
Level 3 Item   Implementing ThinkGlucose in Cambridge
Level 3 Item   Implementing ThinkGlucose in The Dudley Group of Hospitals
Level 3 Item   Implementing failsafe mechanisms in retinopathy screening at Homerton Hospital
Level 3 Item   Improving children and young people diabetes services through co-production
Level 3 Item   Improving outcomes for adolescents with type 1 diabetes: the KICk-OFF structured education course
Level 3 Item   In-patient diabetes – IT solution to support and enhance the Think Glucose project
Level 3 Item   Inside out paediatric diabetes – a 360 degree approach
Level 3 Item   Insulin Pump Patient Database linking clinical care to commissioning
Level 3 Item   Introducing joint multi-disciplinary clinics for children with T1DM and coeliac
Level 3 Item   KICk-OFF: supporting self-care for paediatric Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Making connections youth engagement toolkit
Level 3 Item   Managing Type One Diabetes in Schools DVD
Level 3 Item   My Diabetes My Way: an electronic personal health record for people with diabetes
Level 3 Item   North East Essex integrated pathway hub
Level 3 Item   North West Surrey Shifa diabetes project
Level 3 Item   PROCEED, Preconception Care for Diabetes in Derby/Derbyshire: a ‘Teams without Walls’ model
Level 3 Item   Parent engagement for the CYPWMDN and CYPEMDN networks
Level 3 Item   Project to reduce the frequency of hypoglycaemia amongst adult inpatients at Bedford Hospital
Level 3 Item   Provision of structured and personalised diabetes information improves patient activation
Level 3 Item   Reducing amputations in the UK: unlocking the door
Level 3 Item   Reducing pre-diabetes risk in North East Lincolnshire
Level 3 Item   Service innovation to help people live well with diabetes
Level 3 Item   Setting up a MDT: measuring the impact of an in-patient diabetes MDT
Level 3 Item   Skills for Care
Level 3 Item   Smethwick Community Pathfinder Diabetes Project: Right care, Right here initiative
Level 3 Item   Structured group diabetes education for the non-English speaking BME community
Level 3 Item   Subcutaneous insulin for DKA safe, efficient, and cost-effective
Level 3 Item   Sugar Buddies: demonstrating the need for flexible peer support
Level 3 Item   Supporting the administration of insulin in schools
Level 3 Item   Tackling Insulin Safety using A Multifaceted, Multidisciplinary Regional approach
Level 3 Item   The Alphabet Strategy for Diabetes Care: a patient-centred approach to multifactorial intervention
Level 3 Item   The DECIDE Study: Delivering Early Care in Diabetes Evaluation
Level 3 Item   The DICE programme demonstrates the effectiveness of inpatient diabetes teams
Level 3 Item   The Diabetes Inpatient Prospective Service (DIPPS)
Level 3 Item   The Highs & Lows children’s choir
Level 3 Item   The Hull INCA programme: Diabetes awareness for care home staff
Level 3 Item   The Ipswich Touch Test – screening for neuropathy at home
Level 3 Item   The National Severe Insulin Resistance Service a new national clinical service for patients with severe insulin resistance and/or lipodystrophy
Level 3 Item   The Solent Diabetes Voice – reaching out to the community
Level 3 Item   The Super Six model: integrating acute and community diabetes care across South East Hampshire
Level 3 Item   The Year of Care programme – implementing care planning and support for self-care as routine diabetes care
Level 3 Item   The hypo pathway
Level 3 Item   Transforming diabetes foot care in Wakefield
Level 3 Item   Type 1 diabetes out of hours support service
Level 3 Item   Virtual promotion of physical activity in Type 2 diabetes
Level 3 Item   West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service ‘Reaching and Teaching’
Level 3 Item   Working Partnerships for Diabetes Foot Health in Lambeth and Southwark
Level 3 Item   Working Together in Partnership: the further development of a children and young people’s diabetes service by enhancing training and education for both staff, patients and their families
Level 3 Item   ‘Diabetes and Me’ South Asian Communities Project
Level 3 Item   ‘Women with Diabetes: Things you need to know (but maybe don’t!)’: A pre-conception counselling resource to raise awareness of the importance of pre-pregnancy care among women with diabetes
Level 3 Item   Type 2 Diabetes: Know Your Risk
Level 3 Item   Preventing diabetes by turning research into practice
Level 3 Item   STEPS to prevent diabetes: a diabetes prevention course in Lambeth, South East London
Level 3 Item   Peer review of diabetes foot services in the South West
Level 3 Item   Screening for new onset diabetes following Acute Coronary Syndrome – the way forward?
Level 3 Item   A technology-enabled service to optimise insulin management
Level 3 Item   Type 2 Diabetes and Me – E-learning guide
Level 3 Item   Transforming Diabesity Care: Institution of an NHS Endobarrier Service
Level 3 Item   HeLP-Diabetes: a proven online solution for diabetes self-management support
Level 3 Item   My Diabetes My Way: online support for diabetes self-management
Level 3 Item   The Florence (FLO) telehealth texting system
Level 3 Item   Clinical Decision Support for Diabetes in Scotland
Level 3 Item   An “IDEA” to deliver inpatient diabetes safety messages in bite-sized animations
Level 3 Item   Introducing dedicated annual review clinics for children with T1DM
Level 3 Item   Diabetes transition from paediatrics to adult services
Level 3 Item   Diabetes services for adolescents and young adults – transition and beyond
Level 3 Item   Improving glycaemic outcomes in newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes adults
Level 3 Item   Save Sight – Impact of dedicated diabetes eye nurse specialist in diabetes retinopathy
Level 3 Item   Successful outcomes in gestational diabetes through group education pathway
Level 3 Item   Information Prescriptions: The Key to Unlocking Behaviour Change
Level 3 Item   Research for the Future: The ‘Help BEAT Diabetes’ Campaign
Level 3 Item   The Health Innovation Network Diabetes Improvement Collaborative
Level 3 Item   Solihull Community MDT Project – Collaboration in Care
Level 3 Item   Expanding Type 1 Kidz Project and introducing simple telehealth
Level 3 Item   Integrated group psychotherapy for adults living with diabetes
Level 3 Item   YES (Youth Empowerment Skills): A stepping stone for diabetes self care and empowerment
Level 3 Item   Making Transition Better – the Newham Experience
Level 3 Item   An educational resource for women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Level 3 Item   ACT Now! Guided self-help for adults with Type 2 diabetes to improve self-management and emotional wellbeing
Level 3 Item   Structured group education for people with new onset Type 2 diabetes
Level 3 Item   The feasibility of delivering a physical activity intervention for adults within routine diabetes care
Level 3 Item   Continued success and evolution of BERTIE; Bournemouth’s Type 1 education programme
Level 3 Item   Hypoglycaemia simulation training to address serious untoward incidents in a hospital setting
Level 3 Item   Introducing a specialist diabetes sports service at Oxford Children’s Hospital
Level 3 Item   Operation Pharmacist: Ending the Highs and Lows of Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Diabetes pregnancy care – achieving similar outcomes to non-diabetes related pregnancies?
Level 3 Item   North East Essex Diabetes Service - A Clinically Led Service
Level 3 Item   First Diabetes Integrated and Value Based Commissioned Service in England
Level 3 Item   Preventing Diabetes in North West London
Level 3 Item   County Durham and Darlington Diabetes Alliance
Level 3 Item   Type 1: Origins, Diabetes the Comic Book
Level 3 Item   An Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes in Schools and Other Settings
Level 3 Item   Transforming Diabetes Care at Scale in North West London
Level 3 Item   The 10 Point Training Tool for Staff Education in Inpatient Diabetes
Level 3 Item   EDEN – Cross Boundary Multi-Professional Transformation for Improved Patient Outcomes
Level 3 Item   Improving Diabetic Footcare Faculty (DIFF Model)
Level 3 Item   Engaging to Improve: Outcomes of the Young Adult Clinic Restructure
Level 3 Item   Data Driven Quality Improvement Utilising Multiple Initiatives in Paediatric Diabetes
Level 3 Item   FRED Workshops: Food, Relationships, Exercise with Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Approach Improves Glycaemic Control, Patient Satisfaction and Patient Engagement in Children and Young People with T1DM
Level 3 Item   Improving Diabetes Competencies in Dietitians
Level 3 Item   Identifying Quality Indicator of DKA Management and Regular Feedback Improve Acute Diabetes Care
Level 3 Item   Derby Inpatient Improvement Project (DIPS)
Level 3 Item   Co-producing a Virtual Diabetes Pathway for Cornwall and IOS
Level 3 Item   Redesign of the North East Essex Diabetes Foot Pathway
Level 3 Item   Tackling the Toughest of Times
Level 3 Item   BERTIEonline. An Online Platform of Structured Education for Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Making the Diabetic Foot Service More Effective with an Innovative Digital Solution
Level 3 Item   T1resources.uk; Rated, Reviewed, Reliable
Level 3 Item   Diabetes Wellness Events Empowering People in Effective Self-Management
Level 3 Item   Enjoy Food Project
Level 3 Item   More Power to the Patient – System Wide Roll-Out of a Pocket Size Diabetes Medication Sick Day Rule
Level 3 Item   Getting off to a Good Start: Structured Education from Day 1 in Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Empowering Children and Young People with Diabetes through Structured Education
Level 3 Item   Cook and Eat Exeter: Carbohydrate Counting in Real Life
Level 3 Item   Empowering Teenagers with High School Education
Level 3 Item   Psychological Support Intervention using Art Therapy for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   The Cornwall Community Pharmacy Patient Activation Service – Type 2 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   A 3-year Experience of Sandwell and West Birmingham Patient-Centered Collaborative Diabetes Model – The Way Forward?
Level 3 Item   The DIADEM Project: Improving the Management of Diabetes and Dementia
Level 3 Item   North East Essex Diabetes Service – Service Redesign
Level 3 Item   Improving Outcomes for Families through the ‘Type 1 Kidz’ Project
Level 3 Item   The Evolvement and Expansion of the DICE Programme
Level 3 Item   Virtual Ward, Innovation and Collaboration, Improving Diabetes Care in the Community
Level 3 Item   Developing a Team Approach to Improve Insulin Safety and Reduce Insulin Wastage
Level 3 Item   The Poole Young People’s Diabetes Service – Improving Contact, Improving Care
Level 3 Item   Tomorrow’s Leaders: Developing Agents of Change in Diabetes Care
Level 3 Item   Blood Glucose Monitoring – A Collaborative Approach to Updating the Formulary
Level 3 Item   The Ingeus ‘Healthier You’ National Diabetes Prevention Programme
Level 3 Item   Diabetes.co.uk – Low Carb Program
Level 3 Item   Talking about Diabetes (TAD) – Inspiration and Motivation for Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Enhancing Specialist Knowledge for Pharmacists to Optimise Diabetes Medication Management
Level 3 Item   Film Prescriptions: A New Method for Delivering Patient Empowerment and Education
Level 3 Item   Exercise Classes for People with Diabetes with Specialist Nurse Support
Level 3 Item   Psycho-education Workshop for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Carbohydrate Counting Educational Assessment Tool (CC-EAT)
Level 3 Item   Personalised Care for Disengaged Young Adults Aged 16-30 with T1DM
Level 3 Item   DigiBete Website for T1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Improving Communication with Families Using a Smartphone App
Level 3 Item   TickleFLEX, the Insulin Injection Aid
Level 3 Item   GReaT Groups – Supporting Transition to Secondary School
Level 3 Item   Expanding the Reach of the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)
Level 3 Item   VRIII: Getting it Right with JBDS Recommended Fluid
Level 3 Item   Changing the Landscape for Delivery of Type 2 Diabetes Care – Midland Diabetes Structured Care Programme 1999 – 2017
Level 3 Item   Setting the Trend for Diabetes Nursing in the Future
Level 3 Item   A New Holistic Approach to Improving Living With T1DM
Level 3 Item   Wrexham Young Adult Diabetes Service – Getting Our Heads around Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Embedding Psychotherapy Within a Community Diabetes Team
Level 3 Item   Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Through an Integrated Care Pathway
Level 3 Item   Diabetes Technology Network UK
Level 3 Item   AT Medics and AT Learning Diabetes Improvement Programme 2018/19
Level 3 Item   Personalised SMS Care Plan for Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Carbs & Cals Books, App & Teaching Resources
Level 3 Item   County Durham and Darlington Diabetes Collaborative
Level 3 Item   Sustaining Quality Improvement and Patient Outcomes in North West London
Level 3 Item   Seven Thousand Feet – Exhibition, Events and Engagement
Level 3 Item   Diabetic Eye Disease: Building Capacity to Prevent Blindness
Level 3 Item   WORLD FOODS: first visual carb awareness book for BAME communities
Level 3 Item   National Standards for Diabetes Transitional Care and Young Adult Service
Level 3 Item   Turning MDT Clinic into a Group Experience for 9-11 Year Olds
Level 3 Item   Refocus: Type 2 Diabetes Refresher Education. A Dorset-wide Patient-led Programme.
Level 3 Item   HEAL-D: A Culturally-Tailored T2D Self-Management Programme for Black-British Communities
Level 3 Item   WISER: Type 2 Diabetes Education to Support Self-Management
Level 3 Item   Re-launch of the X-PERT Insulin Programme: Reduce or Omit
Level 3 Item   “COMPLEMENT” (Complete Mentoring and Diabetes Education for Clinically Practicing Pharmacists)
Level 3 Item   Digital Safety Training Improving Ward Staff Insulin Competency and Confidence
Level 3 Item   Telemedicine in Improving Care and Outcomes, in Antenatal Diabetes Patients
Level 3 Item   Supporting Primary Care with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Management
Level 3 Item   County Durham & Darlington Diabetes Information and Education Team (DIET)
Level 3 Item   Improving Diabetes Care in York with a Specialist Outreach Team
Level 3 Item   Changing Health’s Innovative Intervention Programme to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Engagement and Enhanced Support Service
Level 3 Item   Improving the Care Pathway for Newly Diagnosed Children with T1DM
Level 3 Item   Students First - Avoid Pitfalls of University Transition - Move the Clinic!
Level 3 Item   Implementation of a National Guideline with Local Changes: Does an Abbreviated Adult Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Protocol Improve Local Uptake and Overall Clinical Care?
Level 3 Item   Introducing Flash Glucose Monitoring at Scale with Educational Support
Level 3 Item   Quality Improvement Innovation to Improve Early Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People
Level 3 Item   University Toolkit Collaboration Between JDRF, NHS England and Diabetes UK
Level 3 Item   Insulin education for all: A pop-up online resource
Level 3 Item   Developing World-Class D&E Training: The Health Education West Midlands Model
Level 3 Item   Making Insulin Treatment Safer (MITS) Through Reflective Case-based Discussions
Level 3 Item   The Know Diabetes Service: Supporting Patients Through Innovation
Level 3 Item   SEREN Connect: A holistic young adult diabetes education
Level 3 Item   Sustaining Improved Outcomes for Young Adults: The Liverpool Model
Level 3 Item   Carbs & Cals Books, App & Teaching Resources
Level 3 Item   Diabetes In-Patient Nurse Team Integrated Quality Improvement Project
Level 3 Item   Paediatric Diabetes Quality Improvement – Be Brave and Fail Fast
Level 3 Item   Talking Type 1 – making diabetes psychology accessible for everyone
Level 3 Item   Collaboration with IAPT to improve diabetes pathways – simple innovation!
Level 3 Item   The Diabetes care in Elderly, Frail, ENd-of-life and Dementia (DEFEND) project
Level 3 Item   Cardiometabolic care: A pharmacist-run diabetes clinic in General Practice
Level 3 Item   Developing a community ‘Walk in’ Clinic for diabetic foot disease
Level 3 Item   Norwich Inpatient Diabetes Service (NIPDS): Supporting Staff, Empowering Patients, Preventing Glycaemic Harms
Level 3 Item   WISDOM: West Hants Improving Shared Diabetes Outcome Measures. A blueprint.
Level 3 Item   All Wales Quality Assured Brief Intervention Pre-Diabetes Pilot
Level 3 Item   Scalable, flexible and cost-effective diabetes prevention
Level 3 Item   Growing up, moving on – supporting young people leaving paediatric services
Level 3 Item   Supporting positive self-care between clinic visits using Inspirational Postcards
Level 3 Item   Hypo Dino – created by children to inspire others
Level 3 Item   Newham Diabetes Transformation Programme – supporting young people (16-25 years) with Type 1 Diabetes
Level 3 Item   Language Matters
Level 3 Item   ArT1st: Celebrating Talents of T1 Diabetes Community During COVID-19 Pandemic by ArT1st Team
Level 2 Item   QiC Diabetes blog
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Level 3 Item   2020
Level 3 Item   2019
Level 3 Item   2018
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Level 2 Item   Media information
Level 3 Item   Diabetes Facts and Figures
Level 2 Item   Quality in Care Diabetes Awards 2020
Level 1 Item   Hepatitis C
Level 2 Item   Awards
Level 3 Item   QiC Hepatitis C
Level 3 Item   Supporters
Level 3 Item   QiC Hepatitis C Results
Level 3 Item   Awards Galleries
Level 2 Item   Case Studies
Level 3 Item   Prevention and diagnostics
Level 3 Item   Patient care pathway
Level 3 Item   Patient experience
Level 3 Item   Long term care
Level 3 Item   Best treatment pathway initiative Community HCV Treatment in Cornwall
Level 3 Item   Viral Hepatitis Outreach Clinic with Addaction
Level 3 Item   Improving Outcomes for patients with Blood Borne Virus in Dundee
Level 3 Item   Waverley Care Self-Management Programme
Level 3 Item   ‘Going Viral’: Hepatitis C/ B/ HIV testing in 9 Emergency Departments
Level 3 Item   Dorset Blood Borne Virus Dry Blood Spot Testing Service Pathway
Level 3 Item   Love Yourself – Get Tested. HOMER P2P Hepatitis C Mentoring Roadshow
Level 3 Item   Fibroscanning HCV with bespoke outreach clinics achieves high patient engagement by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Level 3 Item   Positive Help: Practical Support Services
Level 3 Item   Mind the Gap – Increasing the referral rate of new hepatitis C patients
Level 3 Item   Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus Case Finding in Prisons
Level 3 Item   The BBV Champions Model an Innovative Tool for HCV Testing in Hard to Reach Communities
Level 3 Item   Testing and Treatment of Hepatitis C through Community Pharmacist-led Care
Level 3 Item   Individualised patient centred care in a very deprived area
Level 3 Item   Leeds Community and Prison Hepatitis C Service
Level 3 Item   Hampshire Peer to Peer (P2P) Hepatitis C Mentoring
Level 3 Item   ‘Pass it on’ – the knowledge, not the virus. Training resource pack
Level 3 Item   Best treatment pathway initiative Access to HCV treatment for people who inject drugs NHS Tayside
Level 2 Item   QiC Hepatitis C blog
Level 2 Item   Media information
Level 3 Item   Hepatitis C Facts and Figures
Level 1 Item   Oncology
Level 2 Item   Awards
Level 3 Item   QiC Oncology
Level 3 Item   Categories
Level 3 Item   Judging process
Level 3 Item   Meet the judges
Level 3 Item   Supporters
Level 3 Item   FAQ
Level 3 Item   QiC Oncology results
Level 3 Item   Award galleries
Level 3 Item   Video
Level 3 Item   Resources
Level 2 Item   Case Studies
Level 3 Item   Prevention and diagnostics
Level 3 Item   Patient care pathway
Level 3 Item   Patient experience
Level 3 Item   Long term care
Level 3 Item   Digital and technology solutions
Level 3 Item   People and team
Level 3 Item   A new aftercare model supporting head and neck cancer patients
Level 3 Item   AOS extension to OOH: access to specialist advice 7 days a week
Level 3 Item   Acute Oncology Service: implementation of a nurse led, integrated acute oncology service – Pan Birmingham Cancer Network and Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Level 3 Item   Be Clear on Cancer campaigns 2012/13 – Supporting earlier diagnosis of cancer
Level 3 Item   Beatson acute oncology redesign initiative
Level 3 Item   Brain tumour information portal
Level 3 Item   Breaking down barriers - team working across unscheduled care for patients
Level 3 Item   CLIC Sargent’s user participation programme
Level 3 Item   Complementary Health & Wellbeing Services
Level 3 Item   Creation of bladder cancer charity providing support and information
Level 3 Item   Delivering Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies closer to home to improve patient experience
Level 3 Item   Demystifying Chemotherapy – planning ahead
Level 3 Item   Developing a bereavement service for all
Level 3 Item   Developing and implementing a community-based prostate health clinic in Newham for hard to reach men
Level 3 Item   Development and Implementation of an Anticipatory Care Calendar for people with learning disabilities or dementia
Level 3 Item   Development of a Hair Loss Support Service
Level 3 Item   Development of a comprehensive radiotherapy late effects programme delivered by information and support radiographers
Level 3 Item   ERAS+ – enhanced recovery for major cancer surgery
Level 3 Item   Efficiency of Emergency Assessment Bay model for Onco-Haematological related emergencies
Level 3 Item   Electronic Holistic Needs Assessment, Care and Support Planning
Level 3 Item   Ellie’s Friends website by The Eleanor Rose Foundation (www.elliesfriends.org)
Level 3 Item   Empowering young patients to self-manage cancer treatment through ambulatory care
Level 3 Item   Escorted rapid discharge process from a tertiary cancer centre
Level 3 Item   Eye Club: A patient-led teaching intervention
Level 3 Item   HeadSmart: be brain tumour aware
Level 3 Item   Herceptin at Home – A shared care model delivering patient choice and efficiency
Level 3 Item   Improving Cancer Patient Experience – Implementing the Recovery Package
Level 3 Item   Improving cancer outcomes through value-based commissioning
Level 3 Item   Improving complex colorectal cancer care through multidisciplinary team collaboration
Level 3 Item   Improving early diagnosis of cancer: a multi organisation approach
Level 3 Item   Improving patient access to radiotherapy in the NHS
Level 3 Item   Improving quality of life for people with head and neck cancers
Level 3 Item   Increasing the uptake of extended pelvic lymphadenectomy for intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancer in minimal access radical prostatectomy
Level 3 Item   Integrating cancer care in a district general hospital
Level 3 Item   It’s in the Bag: Supporting men with Testicular Cancer in the South West
Level 3 Item   MDT-FIT (Multidisciplinary Team Feedback for Improving Teamworking)
Level 3 Item   Macmillan Nurse team within NHS Western Isles provides a truly unique service to people
Level 3 Item   Macmillan Therapy Team – Providing rehabilitation for those living with and beyond cancer
Level 3 Item   Macmillan electronic cancer decision support tool
Level 3 Item   Managing radiotherapy induced skin reactions – an educational toolkit for healthcare professionals
Level 3 Item   National Thyroid Cancer Nurse Specialists: A Solution to Postcode Healthcare?
Level 3 Item   ONCOassist – CE-approved clinical decision support app
Level 3 Item   Optimising one stop acute oncology walk-in bay: direct quality patient care & accessibility
Level 3 Item   Paediatric radiotherapy - small team making big changes
Level 3 Item   Patient reference group for the cancer centre at Guy’s
Level 3 Item   Personalised Patient Experience Tracker: innovative use of patient experience to enhance postoperative recovery of gynae-oncology patients after surgery
Level 3 Item   Prostate Cancer Survivorship Pathway
Level 3 Item   Rapid referral for patients with malignant spinal cord compression provides consistent, integrated optimal patient care in the South East of Scotland
Level 3 Item   Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity granting wishes and hospital ward wishes for seriously ill children across the UK
Level 3 Item   Routes to Diagnosis
Level 3 Item   SCIF – the Significant Clinical Incident Forum
Level 3 Item   Safe seamless nursing care for cancer patients at home – a hospital/community initiative
Level 3 Item   Setting the Standard: Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products
Level 3 Item   Shout Out!
Level 3 Item   Smear tests for everyone: targeted health information resources for women with learning disabilities
Level 3 Item   The Acorn Approach – an educational initiative introduced at Oakhaven Hospice with the aim of changing attitudes to death and dying by bringing schools and the local hospice together to promote a healthier understanding of palliative care
Level 3 Item   The Christie Enhanced Supportive Care Initiative; ’Supportive care makes excellent cancer care possible’
Level 3 Item   The Macmillan one-to-one support service
Level 3 Item   The Midhurst Macmillan community specialist palliative care team
Level 3 Item   The St Helena Hospice SinglePoint Service
Level 3 Item   The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service – Yorkshire and Humber
Level 3 Item   The UKONS Oncology/Haematology - 24 HOUR TRIAGE - Rapid Assessment and Access Tool Kit
Level 3 Item   The United Kingdom’s first validated 24 hour cancer treatment helpline
Level 3 Item   The transforming cancer care in the community programme – overcoming the challenges presented by the UK’s increasing cancer prevalence rates
Level 3 Item   The use of telephone updates to reduce the anxiety of parents during brain tumour operations on their children
Level 3 Item   Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Approaches to the Optimisation of Chemotherapy in Challenging Paediatric Patient Populations
Level 3 Item   Transferring Hospital-Based Prostate Cancer Care into Community Based Nurse-Led Clinics
Level 3 Item   Transformation in penile cancer management with centralisation and multidisciplinary care
Level 3 Item   Using a patient specific protocol to improve the emergency management of suspected febrile neutropenia/neutropenic sepsis in patients on systemic anti-cancer chemotherapy
Level 3 Item   Younger Women with Secondaries Together
Level 3 Item   eBooking - An Electronic Patient Referral System in Radiotherapy
Level 3 Item   ‘Do it for You’
Level 2 Item   QiC Oncology blog
Level 2 Item   Media information
Level 3 Item   Oncology Facts and Figures
Level 1 Item   Privacy
Level 1 Item   Cookies
Level 1 Item   Terms and Conditions
Level 1 Item   Accessibility