Peter Birtles, Patient Representative

Peter is a 68 year old metallurgical engineer and industrialist from Sheffield. He is a family man with children and grandchildren and still enjoys a busy working and social life. He is an active individual who still loves global travel and mountain trekking as his main hobbies.

During his thirties Peter was found to have a defective Aortic heart valve, possibly of hereditary origins. The gradually increasing effects of the heart valve problem were carefully monitored until in 1998 when Peter was 52 it was decided to replace the heart valve with a prosthetic implant at a hospital in Sheffield.

After 3 months convalescence Peter returned to his busy working life and eventually resumed his active hobbies of travel and mountain trekking which he still does today.

6 months after heart surgery Peter began to monitor his own INR and manage his own Anticoagulant dosage. As he gained experience he began to help and support others in similar situations through organisations such as AntiCoagulation Europe, assisted his local CCG and other medical bodies to formulate policies dealing with patient self-care and in 2014 was recruited by NICE to join their Diagnostic Advisory Committee producing new guidelines on patient self-monitoring of anticoagulation therapy.