Special award for services to anticoagulation

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Eve Knight

Eve is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the leading thrombosis charity AntiCoagulation Europe whose aims are:

  • the prevention of thrombosis
  • the provision of information, education and support relating to all aspects of anticoagulation
  • the promotion of patient choice and independence  - supporting people to take an active part in the decisions around their treatment options and management of their condition.

She has been a co-author of many papers and articles including:

  • EHRA paper: Bleeding Risk Assessment and Management in Atrial Fibrillation Patients: a position document from the European Heart Rhythm Association
  • How Can We Avoid a Stroke Crisis. Improving Care for Patients with Acute Heart Failure: before, during and after hospitalization
  • Point of Care Monitoring for Hospital Healthcare Europe.

Member of many boards including The International Self-Monitoring Association of Anticoagulated Patients (ISMAAP); AntiCoagulation in Practice; The AntiCoagulation Self Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA); and is a Section Editor for the British Journal of Cardiology and the British Journal of Primary Care Nursing.

In 2014 she was presented with the ACSMA Outstanding Achievement Award for her services to Anticoagulation.

Past involvement includes membership of the Government Modernisation Board for the NHS; The External Advisory Group for the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease; The National CHD Task Force.

Judges' testimonial:

"Eve is dedicated and committed to the management of thrombosis, fundamentally supporting the information around patient needs relating to anticoagulation, and ensuring patients have a voice in their treatment options. She has worked tirelessly in the field of anticoagulation and co-founded AntiCoagulation Europe for which she is chief executive."

Sotiris Antoniou, Barts Health NHS Trust

"I feel that Eve is an inspiration not only to clinicians but also to the patients she seeks to serve.

She established AntiCoagulation Europe, and has kept it on a steady course in a rapidly changing environment. All through this time she has always advocated what would be best for the patient even when other vested interests may have preferred her to look in another direction.

Amidst doing this incredible work and putting herself in challenging situations, she manages to remain humble about what she has achieved.

There are few people I can say I truly admire, but Eve is very much one of them."

Dr Matt Fay, Westcliffe Medical Practice