Alison Barnes RD, Associate Research Dietitian & Lecturer, Newcastle University; Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, Lead Dietitian Changing Health Ltd.

Alison Barnes is a Lead Specialist Dietitian at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust and an Associate Researcher at Newcastle University. She has specialised in diabetes and weight management since 2009.

Alison was a lead research dietitian on two high profile Diabetes UK funded studies investigating remission of type 2 diabetes: the DIabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), on which the NHS England Low Calorie Diet programme is based and ReTUNE, which evaluated the effectiveness of weight for Type 2 diabetes remission at lower BMIs. Alison has co-written two novel remission programmes (one group-based and one digital), and has spoken about remission and the research studies at numerous national and international conferences including DUK, EASD and ADA.

Alison is a graduate of the award winning Diabetes UK Clinical Champions leadership programme and has an honorary contract as an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University.

As a dietitian with Type 1 Diabetes, Alison has an insight into the kinds of challenges faced by people living with long-term conditions, and strongly advocates individualised approaches that empower people to manage their own health. She feels hugely inspired and uplifted by the innovation, enthusiasm and progress in patient care demonstrated in QiC awards entries every year, and honoured to be a member of the judging panel.

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