Best initiative managing complications associated with diabetes

This award recognises the high human and healthcare costs associated with diabetes as a chronic condition, resulting in longer term complications. It aims to recognise initiatives which take a proactive and integrated approach to improving the prevention and management of long term complications and supporting self management, that in doing so achieve improvements in quality and productivity.


Failsafe by Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The introduction of ‘Failsafe’ has had a signifi cant impact on patient outcomes. By using audits to identify risks in the programme, policies and protocols were introduced to improve practice and reduce the risk of blindness due to organisational oversight within the screening programme. Software communicating between primary care and the screening service was used to close the gap in communication between GPs and the screening service. The service continues to improve the process of exchanging data on clinical activity of its patients within ophthalmology with three Acute Trusts.


Second place

Systematically Improving the Outcomes of Prevention in Primary Care by Greenwich Public Health NHS South East London

In 2008 people living with diabetes in Greenwich had some of the poorest outcomes in the country as measured through QOF achievement rates. The Goal 2 programme was launched to develop a more systematic approach to prevention in primary care. For part of the programme NHS Greenwich joined a partnership with MSD to deliver improvements, which provided facilitated, structured cardio-metabolic risk management and supported sharing of best practice and continuing professional development.Improvements were made and estimated savings since the programme was commissioned for all Greenwich practices are £731,688.



1-Greatlife by 1-Greatlife Ltd

1-Greatlife is a pioneering holistic service, derived from both medical and fitness expertise that enables comprehensive change to healthier lifestyles, for the benefit of patients, with a reduction in future healthcare costs. It is dedicated to changing behaviour and improving medical outcomes. It also brings valuable cost savings and contributes to the government’s vision of making efficiency savings by reducing the number of in- and out-patient attendances in secondary care and reducing the use of primary care resources.


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