Best improvement programme for children and young people

This category was open to any improvement programme targeting children and young people with diabetes at any stage from early diagnosis, through diabetes management in different settings and for different age groups, up to transfer from paediatric to adult services.




Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This multidisciplinary team has worked collaboratively across organisational boundaries to develop a new structured education programme for young people with type 1 diabetes, bridging the gap between paediatric and adult care. WICKED (Working with Insulin, Carbohydrates, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes) consists of a five day structured education programme, with follow up sessions during the 12 weeks after the course. In addition, participants are also invitated to an annually run WICKED weekend and a half-day session for supporters to provide them with an overview of the WICKED programme. The WICKED curriculum makes use of diagnostic activities to ascertain where clients are with regards to prior knowledge, preferred learning style and emotional state.  It aims to engage them with their condition, which will in turn lead to deeper sustainable learning and life changes. The course provides a pragmatic approach by sharing practical information relevant to them in a peer-supported and age-appropriate environment.  

Upbete: online support for children with type 1 diabetes and their families, friends and school

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Teaming up with myknowledgemap (an educational website developer) and the medical education unit University of Leeds, the Leeds Children’s Diabetes team developed an online support service for families and children with type 1 diabetes. The website is designed for the general public and provides basic information about diabetes, food and diet, schools, friends and families. Registration is required to enter the member’s area which has detailed information on diabetes and a resource library. Supporting the site are forums for parents, a glucose tracker for analysing glucose results and details of how to contact your clinic. A news section also updates useful information as it becomes available, while a ‘myth buster’ section exposes some of the myths surrounding type 1 diabetes. The majority of families in Leeds that have children with diabetes are now registered with the web site, while comments from patients and their relatives have been very positive.


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