People’s Award

This is a special award, supported by Diabetes UK, and will be presented to someone who has made a real difference to patients’ lives and goes beyond the call of duty. You may nominate a carer, family member or any non-professional that you think deserves this recognition.


Zoe Scott

Hedgie Pricks Diabetes

Zoe Scott, winner of this year’s Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes People’s Award, was inspired to develop an online community raising awareness of the psychological side of living with type 1 diabetes after overcoming her own struggles learning to live with the condition.

Hedgie Pricks Diabetes was launched in May 2011, initially on Facebook and then as a website in its own right, as a response to Zoe’s experience growing up with type 1 diabetes and having a local diabetes team who were unable to offer the emotional support she needed when she experienced anxiety and depression as a teenager.

Now 21, Zoe oversees the efforts of Hedgie Pricks Diabetes in giving a voice to people who have shared a similar experience, and making sure healthcare professionals working in diabetes care fully understand the emotional and psychosocial impact of living with diabetes.

Psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders, are thought to occur in about 41 per cent of people with diabetes, with poor emotional wellbeing linked to poor glycaemic control and an increased risk of developing diabetes-related complications (source – NHS Diabetes). However, the provision of psychological treatment and support has been found to reduce this distress and improve health related outcomes.

“When you work full time and have to do the whole project around your job, it can be very stressful and it can make you wonder if it is always worth it. However the feedback I have received from people and being awarded helps me to continue to make this project happen, to make diabetes teams look after their patients’ emotional wellbeing as well as general diabetes care. I am very proud to be recognised with this award, it will help me ensure that I will continue to work hard to make sure no one suffers in silence any longer, and those who feel they can’t talk about how they feel, can have their voices heard.”

Zoe Scott, founder of Hedgie Pricks Diabetes and winner of the People’s Award 2012

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