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A single structured diabetes education group session, available for all people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in north east Wales

by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

The team developed a single structured diabetes education group programme specifically meeting the needs of people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This was put in place alongside a complementary referral process whereby all patients referred to the dietetic department at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can access a group place on average within 28 days, and receive four times more dietetic input than previously. Patients take part in a single group session that lasts two hours, with two group sessions per month each with a capacity for 10 people. Patients are able to implement self-management changes prior to their review by the primary care team, which takes place at about three months after diagnosis.

Judges' comments

"I admired the systematic approach taken. Because QOF is requiring better access to education it's topical that people are looking at how to do this and in a systematic way. The pathway is accessible to a large number of people which is great to see." 



The Alphabet Strategy for Diabetes Care: a patient-centred approach to multifactorial intervention

by George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

The Alphabet Strategy for Diabetes Care acts as a basis for patient education, care planning and an evidence-based approach for all healthcare professions in diabetes care. The strategy is based around the seven most important components of diabetes care as follows: Advice, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes Control, Eye-care, Foot-care and Guardian drugs. The strategy allows an integration of NICE guidelines for healthcare professionals into a diabetes care plan for patients.

Judges' comments

"This was an extremely creative initiative with impressive levels of uptake in a number of areas and it's clear that this project has really empowered patients."

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