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Carbs & Cals Books, App and Teaching Resources

by Chris Cheyette & Yello Balolia

Carbs & Cals specialises in creating books and smartphone apps for diabetes management, weight loss, portion control and general healthy eating. These highly visual, easy-to-use products contain over 3,500 photos of popular food and drink items with the carbohydrate, calorie, protein, fat, saturated fat and fibre values clearly displayed around each photo. The visual approach makes it highly effective for learning how to count carbs and calories. The Carbs & Cals book and app are used and recommended by diabetes centres across the country. The book has been the number one bestselling carb counting book on Amazon for over four years running.

Judges comment:

"The Carb and Cals books, flashcards and app are extremely well presented and easy to use. They provide tremendously valuable support to the readers and users."



Patient Focused Paediatric Dietetic Annual Review

by Great North Children's Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary

It is important to develop a working relationship with patients in the paediatric clinic so that they can be helped to understand the central role of diet in ensuring good health. However, the team felt the standard dietetic annual review was not a meaningful experience for many children and young people. In response, a plan was made to deliver the dietetic annual review in a systematic manner, using topics that would be both educational and interesting for paediatric patients, while providing an assessment of their overall dietary intake at the same time. By using a checklist, well-established nutritional tools and the 'Goals of Diabetes' education programme the consultation has become more informative for the patients, their families and the dietitian.

Judges comment:

"This is a structured approach that isn't just about healthy eating. It had a great report from Bill Lamb. A strong entry."

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