Best initiative to support equality of care in vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ groups


'Diabetes and Me' South Asian Communities Project

by Diabetes Scotland

The Diabetes and Me project was initiated in 2011 as Diabetes Scotland's commitment to supporting people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups live well with diabetes. Its aim is to support and empower people from South Asian communities living in Glasgow to participate in the self-management of their diabetes and associated long-term conditions. The team has provided guided self-management support to 120 community members, working in groups at community venues and reached over 3,000 people at 40 community events and gatherings with key information in different languages.

Judges comment:

"This was a really well thought through initiative that took a different approach to support and empower people from South Asian communities living in Glasgow to participate in the self-management of their diabetes and associated long term conditions. A powerful achievement in such a large population."


Highly commended

Diabetes in Care Homes Project

by The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Diabetes in Care Homes project was implemented to improve the care of patients with diabetes, living in care homes within Hillingdon borough. The project commenced in July 2013 with a dedicated DSN employed to provide staff education and a review of all diabetes patients within care home settings. A local staff training education programme was developed to enhance knowledge of diabetes management among the care workers. Staff received three hours each of basic and advanced module training covering all aspects of diabetes. As of April 2014, 70% (700 staff) of care home staff have completed training.

Judges comment:

"This initiative is providing vital education and much needed protocols to protect a huge group of vulnerable people living within care homes."



Screening prisoners for Diabetic Retinopathy – The Dorset DESP experience

by Dorset Diabetic Eye Screening Programme,Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

The aim of the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme is to reduce the risk of sight loss among people with diabetes by the early detection and treatment, if needed, of diabetic retinopathy. The Dorset Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DDESP) starting screening prisoners in 2012 and has found high levels of retinopathy within this group. 10% of the prisoners screened in Dorset in 2012 had sight-threatening retinopathy. The results emphasise the need to screen this group of the diabetic population although it does require extra time, expense and effort on the part of the eye screening programme. 

Judges comment:

"This is an initiative that should be commended for the determination and organisation that would have been necessary to provide this service within prisons. By bringing retinal screening to prisoners rather than prisoners to screening services there is a huge potential for cost-savings."

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