Best initiative to support equality of care in vulnerable and 'hard to reach' groups


DiabEtes at your Finger Tips - DEFT

by Diabetes Scotland

DEFT was set up to pilot a new way of communicating diabetes information and services to older people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Glasgow, supporting them to understand the condition better and manage diabetes confidently, enjoying a better quality of life with fewer diabetes complications, and living healthier for longer. Over 17 months, staff and volunteers helped participants understand the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes and related complications, and supporting them to deal with the daily responsibilities of self-management. Data shows 92% of participants set themselves healthy goals and 85% took steps towards reaching them. Groups are sustaining healthy activities by linking with local services and providing peer support to one another.

Judges comment:

"Judges agreed that the winning initiative is highly innovative, flexible and very dynamic. They liked the variety of methods used and thought it truly accessible to all patients."


Highly commended

Structured group diabetes education for the non-English speaking BME community

by North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group

The CCG commissioned the Cheetham Al-Hilal Community Project (AHCP) to deliver a course to meet the needs of their community, with a pilot seeing local diabetes specialists partnering with community leaders to adapt and design education courses for people with Type 2 diabetes. In all, 90% of participants were self-referrals, with just 10% from practices, reflecting the community’s success at engaging their community, and all reported that the course helped them find something they could do to better manage their diabetes. They were delivered by GP facilitators from the AHCP and community bi-lingual group workers, supported by Health Trainers from Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust and quality assured by a Diabetes Nurse Consultant.

Judges comment:

"This was a creative and community-led project, with great collaborative work and judges would be keen to see this implemented in their areas."



The Hull INCA programme: Diabetes awareness for care home staff

by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The diabetes awareness care home training was developed by the patient education team in Hull. Targeted at care home managers, nursing, auxiliary and catering staff in the East Riding of Yorkshire, it was designed to address key recommendations specified within the good clinical practice guidelines for care home residents with diabetes. Content included basic physiology of Type 1 and 2 diabetes, introducing medications, symptoms and management of hyper and hypoglycaemia, diet and lifestyle interventions, goal setting and action planning. The one-day sessions were led by a diabetes specialist dietitian and nurse and used workshops, visual presentations and written activities to ensure learning objectives were met. Participants were asked to develop action plans identifying any changes required and strategies to implement them.

Judges comment:

"This was well-written and the programme really helped to dispel myths and improve patient care."



North West Surrey Shifa diabetes project

by North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group

North West Surrey has been working with the Asian community in Woking to provide education about the prevention and self-management of diabetes. Delivered by a multi-disciplinary team, the project required developing relationships with local religious leaders and the community. Its elements include a tailored education programme, specific to the needs of the Asian community and delivered in a variety of languages. The team also visited three mosques in the lead up to Ramadan to give talks about the management of diabetes during fasting and has been supporting the take-up of NHS Health Checks to ensure the community are aware of the opportunity to receive a free check and the benefits of doing so. The group has attended local community events and offered bilingual brief advice on health interventions.

Judges comment:

"This is a good project, culturally sensitive and has a great use of community."

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