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Karen Ross

Karen’s dedicated work with the Oxfordshire children’s diabetes team since 1993 has contributed to the education of 1000s of youngsters, families and healthcare professionals.  Her role as diabetes educator has expanded and due to achievements presented to the Trust we were granted specific funding for the role.

Karen is an energetic driver in the planning, coordination and delivery of the education delivered by our multidisciplinary team.  This includes group education sessions, individual patient education review scheme, insulin pump education, transition, training days for school staff and training of other healthcare professionals.  Each of our 365 patients benefit from the teaching she tirelessly offers.  Her ability to provide education in a way families can practically use has improved their quality of life and diabetes management.

Karen cares passionately about empowering children, young people and families through education.  Her wealth of expertise and knowledge is valued by our team and further afield.  She regularly gives lectures in the UK and beyond, teaches Master's students and conducts research.

Results/outcomes achievement:

Over 20 years ago one of Karen’s first education events was a residential activity weekend for youngsters with T1DM.  This has become an annual event highly valued by patients and families.  Each year Karen and the diabetes team take 35 youngsters away, encourage activity and exercise and support them developing skills self-managing their diabetes.
Karen constructed the structured education programme in 2011 into which all of our patients are enrolled and now includes 23 group sessions each year.  These events are tailored specifically to the needs of each patient.  Separate events are run depending on the age of the patient, their diabetes duration, insulin regimen and at key life transitions (e.g. school).  Educational activities for the patient, their wider family and school are included.  To underpin education, Karen has implemented (and audited) programmes and practical tools for families to use, empowering them to self-manage their diabetes.  Attendance and feedback from youngsters & families is consistently positive. Increasingly successful education has been significant in achieving a year-on-year improvement to our clinic HbA1c.

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