Outstanding Educator in Diabetes


Emma Green

Emma initiated our diabetes education training for all teachers throughout Leicestershire. She holds training sessions once a month for 40 teachers. The sessions cover everything they need to know about managing a child with diabetes at school:

  1. What is diabetes,
  2. Carbohydrate counting for school lunches
  3. Administering injection or managing insulin pump.
  4. Management of low and high blood glucose levels.
  5. Supporting children during exercise
  6. Helping to create management plan for school trips
  7. Signposting when to call health care professional or emergency service.

The results speak for themselves, because Emma provides these sessions it means that

  1. Children in Leicestershire schools get a high quality of care
  2. Parents are less anxious about their child's diabetes care at school
  3. It has improved relations between school, the families and the diabetes team
  4. It helps with the pressures the other health care professionals have, freeing up time for them to concentrate in other vital areas, such as home visits, re-stabilisation for existing patients who are struggling and education for newly diagnosed patients.

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