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HEAL-D: A Culturally-Tailored T2D Self-Management Programme for Black-British Communities

by King’s College London

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Addressing poorer diabetes-related outcomes in Black African and Caribbean (BAC) patients is an urgent healthcare priority. Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles for Diabetes (HEAL-D) is a Type 2 diabetes (T2D) self-management programme, culturally-tailored to meet the needs of BAC patients. HEAL-D was developed using co-creation methods to ensure its cultural relevance and acceptability. It has been evaluated in a pilot study in primary care, showing significant improvements in HbA1c and patient quality of life (QOL) and resulting in south London commissioners adopting it for wider implementation.

Judges' comments:

"This entry went far and above what is needed, and carved a significant area of benefit within a problem area for education programmes that is so often forgotten about. The judges admired that those involved actively went out into different communities and encouraged involvement where there otherwise may have been none. The idea is not only innovative, but transferrable to other areas of the UK and could even be used for different conditions. The entry laid out a clear plan and achieved what it set out to do: break the barriers of diabetes education, and make knowledge for people with diabetes completely accessible."


Refocus: Type 2 Diabetes Refresher Education. A Dorset-wide Patient-led Programme.

by Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Refocus is a new group education programme from Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust that provides both clinical and psychological benefits to people with Type 2 diabetes. Interim data from the diabetes transformation project year showed a significant improvement in patient activation level and reduction in diabetes distress after three months. Patients also experienced significant intentional weight loss and a reduction in HbA1c comparable to the introduction of a new diabetes medication, in comparison to a control group that experienced a rise in HbA1c.

Judges' comments:

"This entry was commended for its patient-focus and adaptability to patient feedback. The judges were impressed by the focus on diabetes distress, and liked that the programme focused on revisiting education in patients who had established type 2 diabetes. The strong patient focus, the psychological aspect and good overall outcomes helped to create a successful diabetes education programme, and the judges commend the entrant on these successes"


Re-launch of the X-PERT Insulin Programme: Reduce or Omit

by X-PERT Health

X-PERT Health provides high quality and enjoyable structured education that allows people with diabetes to develop the knowledge, understanding and confidence to take charge of their condition and improve overall health. Four structured education programmes are available; X-PERT Prevention of Diabetes, X-PERT Diabetes, X-PERT Weight and X-PERT Insulin. The X-PERT Insulin programme required updating with the new theme of ‘Reduce or Omit’, the focus being to prioritise healthy lifestyles and patient choice, helping people to reduce or omit their insulin requirements to manage blood glucose levels.

Judges' comments:

"The Re-launch of the X-PERT insulin programme had a great focus on educating people with diabetes on their insulin requirements and re-imagining the whole approach to help people understand how they could reduce or even eliminate (for type 2 diabetes) insulin doses through diet and lifestyle change. This focus was a unique aspect of the programme, and helped to distinguish it from other entries within this category. Too often, when people with diabetes are started on insulin there is only a focus on initial education, which can lead to a cycle of ever increasing requirements over time."


WISER: Type 2 Diabetes Education to Support Self-Management

by West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service

West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service received Diabetes Transformation funding to improve outcomes for people living with diabetes. A primary care cluster model called WISDOM (West Hants Improving Shared Diabetes Outcome Measures) was designed, with quarterly meetings to target patients requiring treatment escalation. To support WISDOM, a new group education session called WISER (West Hants Interactive Structured Education Refresher), was introduced for Type 2 diabetes patients, offering education to people who had not had it in the past or who were not achieving their targets. The programme provided information about diabetes as a cardiovascular disease, linking blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1c.

Judges' comments:

"WISER is a worthwhile programme, with the core focus on re-education, an issue that is often not addressed for people with diabetes. The additional psychological support was particularly impressive, as mental health within diabetes care is often forgotten about. Psychological support is frequently seen in paediatrics, but it is lacking in adult services. This support is crucial for empowering patients in their knowledge of diabetes and aiding in focusing on a positive future. The judges also commended that the initiative was patient-led."

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